Doublelift says Europe is Weak and that CLG has Improved

Travis talks to Doublelift to find out more about Europe's level of play and how much CLG has grown lately at the LCS Super Week.

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Ahahah , lets see doublelift if europe is weaker than na , c9 has 0chances against fnatic and gambit , and if you think your going to win vs any european team you can forget cause your not going to pass playoffs , only vulcan , tsm and c9 are going to worlds , doublelift honestly clg doesnt have anything more to do , quit lol plz

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@GGTiger I understand that you're trying to troll, given the amount of unintelligent remarks stated here.

You clearly don't watch European LCS, and fanboy the hell out of teams that are hyped up as all stars over going off factual information. Even today European commentaters said during a game that N.A teams are stronger than Europe. You can go watch the Twitch Vod and listen for it. N.A teams are more aggressive, and better team synergy.

Thought I agree TSM could go to worlds over any of the other teams they're competing against, CLG's win-loss against them proves that they can easily take wins in a best of 3 series if it comes to that.

Your trolling is highly ineffective.

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Any NA team can beat EU, All Stars proved it, sure on Vulcun, TSM, and C9 are going to worlds, and I am a TSM fanboy, buy EU is complete crap compared NA.

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Brilliant interview