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Doom Eternal With All Cheats On

Cheat disks are collectables in Doom Eternal, so we wanted to see what the game would be like if we turned them all on. Infinite lives, silver bullets, confetti, EVERYTHING.

Doom Eternal is full of Easter Eggs, collectables, vinyls, toys, and even in-game cheats codes in the form of floppy disks you can find littered around the map. Collecting them all is quite the task, but after all that hard work, you're able to cheat your way into the God Mode of Doom Eternal.

The cheats range from classics such as infinite ammunition and unlimited lives, to stranger ones such as confetti bursting from the corpses of your enemies and a fake QuakeCon crowd cheering you on through your violence.

This is a much different way to play than when we tried the hardest difficulty with no HUD, but extremely silly fun nonetheless!

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Why are no comments allowed on the review you bunch of pussies. This place is now a joke.

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