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Thanks, but no thanks. Not interested in online streaming. I want to own my game to play offline anytime I want. This didn't show much and graphics looked like they are from maybe an Xbox 360.

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Another bullshit online service that will lag all to hell and YOU as a consumer own NOTHING. No offline gameplay...NOTHING. You're just a damn fool who wasted his money.

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Onlive lol

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Its impressive as long as you have a great persistent connection and as long as only a small number of p players are using it. Like anything else that requires high persistent bandwidth its only good until too many people start using it.

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So many crybabies that haven't even tried this, complaining over nothing. Wait till it comes out dummies.

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the graphics still look like doom 2016's.

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What is the point of this video? Unless we can see when an input is entered and how long b4 the action happens on screen, then there is literally no point to this video. This video is pure trash and proof that you'll put up a video of anything, just to put something up that will get clicks.

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all we want to know is the input lag...there or not there?

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This video doesn't tell us a whole lot about what to expect.

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Well since I already have a decent gaming machine this won't be of much value to me (until my hardware becomes obsolete)

But this is technologically pretty amazing.

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No thanks. I’ll keep supporting true hardware.

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I did the project stream thing with AC odyssey. I was using my 2.5 year old 5K iMAC. I gotta tell you...the only part that was a wee bit of a hassle was connecting a controller to it. Outside of that, it was super damn impressive. Now, I can already tell you that anyone with a $2700 dollar gaming rig or those who tend to nit pick the shit out of game graphics as if they could do better, will no doubt rip this service to shreds for all of the obvious reasons. But if you simply look at it for what it is, it's pretty incredible. I use XBOX ONE X and PS4 PRO on 4K TV's so while I do enjoy console gaming in 4K, if that project stream is ANY indication of what is possible...this is a super cool thing I will totally sign up for. I liked the game so much on stream that I bought it for XBOX ONE X. Graphics were smooth and I didn't get near as many glitches as I thought I would get. Now, to be perfectly honest, I do have a wired gigabit internet connection, but even on wifi, it worked great. Im super excited about this. Could be a super cool service. For me it would all depend on the library of available titles. I would totally do it to get access to games that I cannot currently get on console.

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@jpme226: ^ works for Google

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@ballashotcaller: not at all. Just a first hand opinion on something I used. It was cool. Technologically, its pretty damned impressive that they can deliver that experience to any device via streaming. Whether you like it or not or want to "support true hardware" --whatever the hell that means -- you have to admit that its cool.

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I too was highly impressed. Basically project stream was the equivalent of a PS4 experience. Stadia will try to be the equivalent of a 1080 ti experience. I will indeed be looking into thus!

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@Keivz_basic: I mean clearly, it is no replacement for 3K in PC gaming hardware, but the potential here is really exciting.

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That’s pretty god damn impressive