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Doctor Who: Series 11, Episode 3 "Rosa" Breakdown

The Doctor and the gang travel in time to 1955 America to meet Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Adam and Oscar break down Doctor Who Season 11 episode 3, Rosa!

So far in Series 11 of Doctor Who, the Doctor and co. have been to a deserted, evil, beaten-up part of the universe--otherwise known as Sheffield--and a distant alien planet named Desolation. Now, our team of intrepid explorers head to 1955 Alabama, USA. Here they bump into none other than Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., only there are sinister powers at play attempting to stop the Montgomery bus boycott from ever happening.

Rosa is perhaps the most socially important episode of Doctor Who that's ever aired. It tackles the issue of racism--including the discrimination that persists today--head on, and in a delicate and graceful way.

Make sure you've watched the episode, and then come back and take a look at our breakdown and review thoughts in the video above. We discuss what we think of the sensitive nature of this episode, pick out some hidden Easter eggs, and discuss our theories for the rest of Series 11.

We'll have plenty more Doctor Who videos coming on GameSpot Universe over the coming weeks, so remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave your thoughts on all the show's changes in the comments below!

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