Do We Need Another Pirates Of The Caribbean?

Captain Jack Sparrow is back with new film, Dead Men Tell No Tales. But do we really need another Pirates of the Caribbean film?

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I'm fine with movies with pirates, but please end this convoluted absurd franchise already, it has overstayed its welcome since the third movie.

And I'm so damn done with Captain Jack Sparrow. He is just a cartoon at this point, not a real character.

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This ended the franchise well. Let it end with Dead Men Tell No Tales

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We don't "need" ANY movies at all. Many people want them though.

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no we dont but we still get the small minded people who still think its been good since the second film. obviously these are the same people who laugh at amy schumer saying vagina for the umpteeth time and great ( shite ) adam sandler films

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@s7eventhheaven: Hate Schumer and Sandler, not interested in drivel like Transformers and Fast and Furious, but all the Pirates movies have entertained me.

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I would love to see the documentary on this film

Scandal: mr depp caught in bio security scam,

Scandal: Mr depp slurrs on stage

Scandal: Mr depp dumped

Scandal: Geoffrey rush distances him self

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The first one should have been a standalone.

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The more films they made,the more dumber Jack gets.I don't like it at all.

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Probably didn't "need" it, but I enjoyed it. Don't know why all the hate really. I thought it was fun, didn't take itself too seriously, more so as needed, and all the characters seemed right this time. Blackbeard wasn't convincing at all. Also a suitable ending to my favorite character in the series.

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We haven't needed the last 4...

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It ended at three, as far as I'm concerned. There's not much to really add to the story. And does it bother anyone that Jack is fighting undead yet again?

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Did Lucy really just compare the horrible C-actor who got a break through Parks and Recreation a C soap series. to Johnny Deep. If anything at least compare two actors who have the same talent.

That alone makes her opinion moot.

But as to the movie, as long as there is profit then why not make another, after all we get new Transformers and a second 50 Craps of grey. and yet another "hunger games" Maze Runner trilogy (which turns into 4 since the last have to be 2 parts.).

But as mention what a stupid question, money rules and as long as there is money in it Hollywood would make a movie about painting a wall and watching it dry.

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What a stupid article. Movies are not need based. It's a business to meet our entertainment cravings. Nothing else. As long as people watch the series there will be more PotC movies.

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The answer to this question is no after the very first one.

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Sure, if they get someone better to write the script. Whoever wrote the script for Dead Men Tell No Tales should be sent to the gallows. Worst Pirates movie to date, with a very forgettable story. The very end of the film was awesome...And that's it.

Worst movie to close out Pirates. Disney needs a serious redo.

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Enjoyed the movie with my family. Wouldn't mind another Pirates movie. So YES!

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Do we really need a new Assassins Creed? CoD? A new Far Cry that rehashes the same concept over and over?

Dont know, but im sure as hell that it's not a matter of "need", for it's just a matter of "wanting". We have new superhero movies everyday..your point?

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@G-Corleone: It's not a fair comparison as games can rely entirely on gameplay with a crap story. Even those games you listed have had more good ones than bad. If your opposed to sequels in video games then you need a different hobby.

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It does not matter what we need. Johny Depp needs his money to pay off debts.

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@gns: johny debt?

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Clickbait. It's a Disney action/comedy based on a RIDE.

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Disney now own LucasArts, so why not give us a "Monkey Island" Movie?

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Nope :-]

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worst films I've seen at cinema;

the mummy

Jackie brown

batman forever

pirates of the Caribbean

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@DARREN636: Yikes. 3 of those 4 movies are actually pretty solid films.

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@DARREN636: batman and robin. okay? chill!

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@DARREN636: Woah, woah. The Mummy with Brendan Fraser was one of the worst movies you've seen?

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at the cinema, yes

I walked out half way through.

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@DARREN636: I'm surprised. I thought it was quite good at the time; not perfect, but still. I'm guessing you were probably looking for a direct call-back to the original? I thought the acting was solid. You had charisma, a good setting, a nice score, and action mixed with comedy & romance. What's not to like?

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@DARREN636: Sounds like you've been pretty lucky if those are the worst movies you've seen. I saw Battlefield Earth!

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@DARREN636: You think batman forever is worse than Batman and Robin?

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oh lordy

I've managed to erase batman and robin from memory,


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Jack Sparrow is back baby😄

Give him a bottle of rum,

A small island and a pistol with one bullet.

And lets see what happens🐢🐢🐢

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@ElDelBarrio: I thought that was a shanty at first.