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DMZ Gameplay Revealed, Gamers React | GameSpot News

Warzone 2.0 and DMZ gameplay are revealed during special livestreams from popular Call of Duty content creators.

Call of Duty fans were pleasantly surprised yesterday when Infinity Ward held an invite only Warzone 2.0 event.

Call of Duty creators like CouRage, ModernWarzone, NoisyButters and more played the game for their audiences and showed off a lot of what was detailed in the most recent Call of Duty blog post. This includes loadouts, various points of interest, and 3rd person mode.

There was also a lot of looting and inventory management shown off. Content creator Repullze took to Twitter to clarify some confusion about the new system and said, “They didn’t take anything away, they technically just added. You have an ‘on person’ inventory that’s your standard WZ1 system and then there’s your backpack that adds slots. Everything in your on person inventory auto picks up.”

Repullze continued by saying when you loot someone, the backpack auto fills things you need with the examples being armor plates or ammo stacking on top of what you already have in those slots.

Seems simple enough, but the system’s reveal has drawn plenty of criticism and so has DMZ as a whole. DMZ is an open-world, narrative-focused extraction mode where players fight alone or together with the aim of getting to the chopper to escape. On their way, players will take part in "faction-based" missions and side objectives, as they fight against other human and AI players before exfiltration at the end of the round.

Ice Man Isaac reacted to the mode and said “I think DMZ should be delayed. Let Warzone 2.0 go crazy on Nov 16th and keep working on DMZ until it's ready.” TimTheTatMan had a similar reaction and said, “dmz looked kinda meh. warzone 2 looked solid and I’m excited for next week. 3rd person warzone 2 tho looked litttttt”.

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