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DMC’s Comic Book Origins

At CES 2019, Lucy caught up with Run DMC’s Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels about his lifelong love of comic books, hip hop, and what made him start his own comic book series.

CES 2019 is currently taking place in Las Vegas and although it is ostensibly a show focused on the future of technology, over the years it has become a melting pot for different cultures and forms of entertainment. Video games naturally complement tech, so the industry is represented well, but other forms of entertainment also share the spotlight. The comic book world, for example, also make an appearance, as does music.

In the video above we talk to Darryl McDaniels, who represents both comics and music. Better known as DMC, founding member of the legendary hip hop group Run-DMC, McDaniels went from being a pioneer in the music industry to a unique voice in the comic book space.

In the past, McDaniels has enthused about his passion for comics at length, having grown up as a fan of Marvel and idolizing Stan Lee. In his adult years he founded Darryl Makes Comics, an imprint on which he publishes his own series, aptly named DMC, in which he is a hero. The anthology series combines his love of comics with his experience as a leading voice in hip hop, and draws from New York City and the various cultures within it, filtered through a fantastical, superheroic lens. In the interview McDaniels talks about his passion for comics, the transition into writing for the medium, and the parallels between superhero fiction and hip hop.

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