Divinity: Original Sin 2's Brilliant Take On Player Choice - Reboot Episode 15

After diving deep into Larian Studios' new RPG, Mike and Jake recount the glory days of CRPGs, and how Divinity: Original SIn 2 continues that lineage.

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Good video, but I got misled thinking that the history of Bioware was going to tie into Larian‘s establishment because of how much the video was talking about Bioware in the beginning.

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I really enjoyed this video

Thank you :)

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Fallout Tactics Remake needed.

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Once you learn to let go and live with the consequences of your actions in D:OS2 the game becomes so much better imo. Plus, the reality is that this game is so good that you can do that. You may not go down the path you expected but you will go down one just as interesting.

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video much good

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I often felt like there was a definite trade-off when I played the first one. While the randomness and chaos of the game's decision making opportunities lends itself to a very interesting feel of "roll with the consequences and let this just be how the game plays out", there was ultimately a loss of feeling I was having much of a pivotal effect on the world around me and was part of a cohesive, as opposed to meandering, epic storyline. Something always felt haphazard about it, directionless, which was both a joy in terms of exploration and surprise, but also sometimes left me feeling bereft of proper motivation to plod onward. I also found the constant skill bar management to be tedious and the crafting to be somewhat disincentivized in that there was an overwhelming amount of random possibilities and I didn't want to experiment with anything that was super rare. Sometimes more is less and makes things feel too dissolute and diffuse. Pacing also became a problem because I always felt like everywhere I went where it was possible, I was presented with yet another puzzle game of "how do I steal that crap to get a leg up on everyone/everything". Have they addressed these issues well in 2?

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*sigh* im probably a minority but i find this game boring

Pillars of Eternity is a much better RPG, particularly its story and atmosphere.

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@tr4newreck: You are definitely in the minority. Pillars is a great game with forgettable characters. DOS 2 is a great game with memorable characters. I was never emotionally attached to any characters in Pillars. The animals in DOS 2 are more memorable.

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You should have focus on good games like this instead of Destiny.

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@elwinaidus: Although I gave you a thumbs up and although this game is amazing and although yes, too many articles were made on Destiny 2, Destiny 2 is far from being a bad game. It is a well deserved 8.5 (for today's low standards anyway).

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I had a similar experience with Neverwinter Nights. At the time I'd never played a RPG ever and knew nothing about D&D, call me a fantasy virgin if you will.

So I chose to be a chaotic good halfling. No idea why. But the fact that this decision alone caused certain parts of the game to be extra difficult, I'd never expected. Human NPC's didn't very much like to talk to me for instance. My companion was a half orc/half elf. After I kept asking him questions about his difficult childhood, he was pissed off with me for the rest of the game.

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The review said it better and with less "I"s.

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@GreySeven: I think Mike should write fiction for tweens. With his tendency for the dramatic and self centeredness I think he could really strike a nerve in this demographic

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@f1r3starter: You may be on to something.