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Peter Brown and Mary Kish take a magic carpet ride in this time warp back to 1993 in Disney's Aladdin for Sega Genesis!

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Nice to see Mary getting some screen time lately. She's a lot of fun.

Also speaking of Disney Games you should do QuackShot; Starring Donald Duck. I remember liking that game back in the day.

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Totally forgot about the Jungle book game. Must play Peter.

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I remember playing this one as a kid. It was too hard though... along with Echo the Dolphin, I never beat it.

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tommy tallarico made the music for this game

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At 30:00, you and Mary mentioned "double standards" in making movies about less-handsome thieves.

I would say here that there was the movie "The Thief and The Cobbler", in which a not-very-handsome thief plays an important role as a deuterantagonist.

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He wants her back again Lol I think I know why ;)

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Mary is such a babe

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This was one of my favorites as a kid. I went with Aladdin and my brother went with the Lion King.

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@sainraja I enjoyed both very much. I found the Lion King to be more difficult at times. The forest boulders come to mind.

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@AceJakk @sainraja same, I enjoyed them both. We had trouble with the second level of Lion King, however. The forest boulders were a bit troublesome as well....ohh and the stampede.

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Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Great job, Mary!

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I have played this game on PC via an emulator XD just a little though.

i played the 3D one more, but didn't get far in that either.

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one of the best genesis games and also one of the best movie based games

one of the few games that made SNES fans really jaleous ^^

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This is the game I immediately think of when I think about good movie-licensed games.

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It might not even be the same game but I thought Lion King was harder. He said it was random and yeah I agree....I remember this part where you are like up in trees and like...swing somehow to other sections in treees? IDK its been years...I could never figure out wtf im supposed to do I would keep going backa nd forth to to the same areas over and over.

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Let me tell you this was one of the first games I experienced frustration with. That lava level where you had to ride on the magic carpet was insanely difficult.

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@RicanV Thats one of the few memories from my childhood sega days that I can recall without needing any reminder. I hated that level with a passion....

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@projectpat72988 @RicanV i think i was 8 years old at the time when i played this game, and yes i have to agree the lava level is something that stood out, in fact it was my favourite level, i would use the cheat code to skip the other levels just so i can play that level over & over..

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I used to have this game

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I dont know if this is the same exact game as the SNES version but damn that game was amazing back then.

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@gameroutlawzz It's not, Genesis had the license for it, SNES didn't. Two different games.