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Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (2020) Exclusive Clip

Check out this exclusive clip from the new Digimon movie from Toei Animation, coming to digital September 29 and Blu-Ray/DVD October 6.

It's finally here: the final chapter of Digimon Adventure. What began in March 1999 with seven young kids going to camp for the summer and winding up living in a digital land concludes with Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, scheduled to release digitally in the US on September 29. The movie will be released for DVD and Blu-ray on October 6.

In the clip above, five years have passed since the events of Digimon Adventure Tri. The DigiDestined now operate out in the open, relying on their Digimon partners to protect the real world from invaders that cross over from the digital world. Though several of the DigiDestined have retired to focus on their adult careers and school, some members of the team still fight on the regular.

Case in point, in the clip, you can see Tai, Kari, and T.K. direct Greymon, Angewomon, and Angemon in a battle against Parrotmon (a fun little nod back to the original Digimon Adventure movie) while Izzy provides tech support. Though the group are able to readily handle Parrotmon, their actions accidentally put a passerby in danger. Thankfully, Matt and Garurumon arrive on the scene to provide support.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna sees the DigiDestined learn a troubling fact: as a DigiDestined grows older, their connection to their Digimon partner weakens. When the connection is gone, the partner Digimon disappears. Continuing to force your Digimon to Digivolve and battle will only make the process go faster once the connection begins to weaken. As the two who lead their team and battle the most often, Tai and Matt's connection to their partners begins to disappear first, and the two must now struggle with the responsibility to save the world from a Digimon that's putting people into comas at the cost of losing their best friends.