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Did Telltale's The Walking Dead Kill Adventure Games? (Spoilers: No) - Steam Punks

Jess and Ed talk about The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and their experiences with Unavowed, Tacoma, Life is Strange, and more to uncover whether Telltale has the monopoly on the adventure game genre.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season arrived on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this month. It marks the end of the series that launched Telltale into the adventure game giant it is today. Telltale is still in the midst of churning out a huge variety of series' with more on the way thanks to a new partnership with Netflix where the developer will be creating a game based on Stranger Things.

In the new episode of Steam Punks, we chat about the highs and lows of Telltale games, discuss how the formula has evolved, and where you can go to find classic adventure games in 2018. The adventure game genre has changed significantly after its renaissance in the late 90s and early 2000s, but is that a good thing or not?

We explore what place these traditional adventure games have in a market saturated by Telltale's offerings, and observe whether consumer's love for Telltale games has diminished interest or devleopment in other adventure game formats. Ed and Jess point to some of their favourite games of the last few years and beyond including the newly released Unavowed, Tacoma, Life is Strange, Dreamfall Chapters, and Firewatch.

Check out the full video above to see what we have to say and let us know what you think of the Telltale game formula, the adventure genre, and what PC topics we should cover next!

Games Discussed: The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Unavowed, Tacoma, Life is Strange, Dreamfall Chapters, Firewatch, The Longest Journey, Gone Home, Resonance, Technobabylon, Gemini Rue, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Life is Strange 2, The Wolf Among Us, Batman: The Telltale Series, The Walking Dead, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Still Life, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Back to the Future: The Game, Sam & Max: Season One, Tales of Monkey Island, Jurassic Park: The Game, Game of Thrones, Minecraft: Story Mode.

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Dontnod has the throne of adventure games right now with Life is Strange. Telltale's sales and acclaim has plummeted and LIS took that space, and LIS 2 looks to continue that dominance.

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Yes. I liked season 1 and Fables, other stuff didn't really work as well for me.

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I did like the first one, but found it less of a game and repetitive in the other series.

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I am so glad Steam Punks has returned!

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@chiledk1: Yay!

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I think in the early days Telltale did a lot of good for the adventure genre but after Walking Dead Season 1 they failed to further revolutionise and expand their formula. They let their success get to their head and unfortunately were producing games on a manufacturing line even abandoning the puzzle elements which I really liked in Walking Dead Season 1. The Final Season seems to be taking steps to change but I don't think it's quite enough.

Edit: Also yeah the Dreamfall Chapters is great and can't wait to see how Red Thread Games announced rpg turns out.

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@gamingdevil800: I felt the same sort of sentiment, my interest in the series' that came out was all about whether I liked the concept and far less so expecting the formula to change. That's why I liked Tales From The Borderlands so much because I feel like it actually did try a lot of new things.

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@tempertress:Honestly I forgot about Tales From The Borderlands but yeah I agree it was fun and definitely benefited from the crazy comedy of that ip like this moment: ( I'd say their stand out series for me personally though would be WD Season 1 & Wolf Among Us. I would like to see them attempt to make an original story for a change though so they can let their creativity run wild without the shackles of an established ip's "tropes". Like e.g. Batman is not allowed to kill in their Batman series.

Maybe I'm stupid for hoping they shake up their formula though lol... considering I do end up buying nearly every single one of their games cause I like the stories. However I definitely have a hunger for more puzzles which is why I'm really enjoying The Council.