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Diablo 4 Necromancer Tier 15 Nightmare Dungeon Gameplay (World Tier 3)

We take our level 62 minion and bone skill focused Necromancer into a tier 15 Nightmare Dungeon. The modifiers include empowered elites with suppressor affix, monsters with poison damage, and unstoppable monsters.

Our Necromancer is using skeletal mages with legendary that increases our number of mages by 2, as well as skeletal warriors also with the legendary that increases the number of skeletal warriors by 2. We also have the legendary that gives our cold skeletal mages the ability to cast blizzard. Additionally, we have a blood golem to help dish our more damage. Our core skill to help us deal with tougher minions is bone spear. Check out this clip where we find a unique in the level and find out if we are able to beat the Tier 15 dungeon which has level 68 minions.