Devils Hunt - GDC 2019 Preview Demo Gameplay

Inspired by a trilogy written by the developers, Devils Hunt is a hack and slash action game that takes place in the depths of hell. Here's what the indie game looks like on the Xbox One X.

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Hmmm, kinda reminds me of DMC, but more sluggish. I would prefer to play a character that is more fluid & nimble in control. Damn I wish I had a new Crysis game. :(

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This looks super clunky. Not only with the animations and the fighting, but also the voice acting. I'll pass for now.

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Game design seems very inspired by God of War -- from the medium close third person perspective and the enemy telegraph flash to the bottom left corner HUD, the markers that indicate interaction, and the iconic finishers and the spartan rage.

Also, that camera shake while sprinting is going to get old real quick.

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Wow, this looks like a top-tier trash game.

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Legit thought that was Adam Jensen in the thumbnail, guess it just goes to show how uninspired male protagonist is.