Destiny: The Taken King - Ask the Reviewer, Konami Leaving AAA, The best games still coming in 2015

Join us on The Lobby as we Talk about our Destiny: The Taken King review, the direction Konami is going with their game titles, and the best games on the horizon for 2015!

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The most worthwhile part of this episode is 26:30 to 29:00.

Typical of Electronic Arts to make a misleading pitch for its game.

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Bring back Chris Waters!

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You left out Battlefront!

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Well I never, a Hameron the pigf@#ker reference even made it Gamespot's The Lobby

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Regardless of the "best games coming 2015", The Witcher 3 still is going to be GOtY IMO. I'm not even a fan of the fantasy genre, always leaned towards Sci-fi and games like Mass Effect. I dare to even say W3 is on par if not BETTER than ME2.

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what the hell is up with this lame video player?

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In regards to Destiny and its content i really think they should start following role models of CD Projket adding free DLC with idea changes and that additional weapons,armour and so on and so fourth for free. Then any major expansion packs paid for especially if its got a decades contract

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I can't believe you referenced that first Black Mirror. The second one was shit but had some good ideas. There's also some video game stuff in it and the hot sister from Downton.

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i don't know why metal gear solid v got a 10... when the last portion of the game just feels incomplete, and there's no finale... no final boss fight, it just ends... like that? seriously...

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@Fia1: Same reason why a lot of other people don't agree with grades for other games. You might not think it's worth a 10/10, others might. For a fact, I don't believe Journey deserves a 10/10, but it's still great.

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@Hondje89: the thing is at least Journey has an ending and it had no lazy moments... metal gear solid v just ends without a final sequence and it feels as the developers just got lazy to end the last half of the game... i understand a 10/10 is not a perfect game... but how come on a saga that's well known for long story segments to just "end" without nothing... it just ends without even knowing the game is over... the sad part is that i can't even describe it without spoiling people... but come on...

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@Fia1: I understand what you mean, I will not disagree with you on that. MGS endings have always been filled with amazing cutscenes, especially MGS2 and MGS3. But to me, the ending of MGSV was something different than those, something beyond that. It is indeed annoying not to talk about it without spoiling it for others, haha, but I truly loved it. The thing is, a lot of people 'complain' about the ending because they know that some parts have been scrapped, making them feel like they played an incomplete game. I can understand that, but a lot of AAA games cut content, eventually making it DLC or just never acknowledge it happend. I wonder how people would feel of Konami wasn't open about it. In the end, I can see clearly why you're dissapointed, but I am not. Let's just hope for both our sakes they add the cut stuff for free later on.

Edit: as for Journey, I truly love that game, but by no means is it original or has that much of replay value. It's an amazing playthrough. But that's it. Love the music though, got it as my PS4 theme haha

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@7tizz: u make it sound like 'gamejournalist' are some kind of media prostitutes ...

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**** Konami somebody needs to beat him in his sleep with a ghost mask on an when he wakes up he'll know the real meaning of Phantom pain. All respect to Kojima!

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so what happened to chris watters? been so long since i've seen him.

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Trackmania could be fun........never played the others but glad its finally hitting consoles.....