Destiny, Halo, And the Brilliance of Bungie - Reboot Episode 13

Say what you will about Destiny, but there's no denying how influential Bungie has been on this industry. Even before Halo, the studio was altering the video game landscape with titles like Marathon and Oni. On this week's episode of Reboot, Mike follows Bungie's legacy.

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Good video! I miss publications such as this from Gamespot, thought it was going down when Danny left but thanks for providing!

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Great work. Deliverd with enthusiasm and what I perceived as heartfelt look back in time.

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Great episode, Im going to have to figure out how to subscribe to Reboot because I dont want to miss another! Great job!

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The Halo games were childhood defining for me, only competing with Ocarina of Time and the Pokemon gameboy games.

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Bungie was the only reason i rushed out to buy the first destiny and I was disappointed with what I got, so I definitely wont be rushing out to get destiny 2.

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@yukushi: u need to play Halo

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Very cool episode and yeah I'm a fan of Bungie because of Halo and Destiny. I really enjoyed Destiny but was disappointed with the lack of in-game storytelling however Destiny 2 looks to fix this so I'm very much looking forward to it.

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Once upon a time, Bungie was a good studio. Then Activision happened.

The end.

The reality is legacy means little in the game development business. Leadership changes. Talent leaves. New publishers change stuff to suit their profits first mentality. What the studio was has little to no bearing on what will be. It's simply not wise to blindly buy games based purely on a studio's name.

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@Barighm: if i could upvote twice, i would. I really liked Destiny. And just flat out fell head over heels for Halo. All of em. I really Hope Bungie puts the Bungie I used to know back into Destiny 2. We shall see.

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Excellent analysis Mr Hardy I couldn't agree more. Very well articulated and put together.

Bungie are without a doubt one of the best devs out there. Halo CE is still my all time favourite video game. I still haven't played a game since that has had the same impact. It's '30 seconds of fun' with the golden triangle of weapons, grenades and melee, the openness you felt in the vast stages completely sucked me in.

I'll never forget that first covenant dropship coming in on the second stage Halo, just brilliant.

I played Halo CE for years and years and years after release. The gameplay never seemed to get old. Still the best.