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Destiny 2's Bad Juju: How To Start The Exotic Quest And Reach The Tribute Hall

Destiny 2's Moments of Triumph event is live with a special surprise. The Bad Juju Exotic pulse rifle is available in a secret quest! Here's how to start the quest and reach the tribute hall before you fulfill Calus's requirements on your journey to secure the weapon.

We knew that July 9 was set to be a big day for Destiny 2 with the introduction of the 2019 Moments of Triumph, but it's proven to be even busier than expected. One of those Triumphs talks about obtaining Bad Juju, an Exotic pulse rifle from the first Destiny that has not been available in the sequel before now. Alongside that, Eververse had Bad Juju ornaments for sale, further suggesting the weapon was out now. Sure enough, Bad Juju is available, although it's obtained through a secret quest, rather than one you'll be specifically directed to.

We've put together a written guide on how to start the Bad Juju quest, or you can check out the video above for a walkthrough of the opening stages. The process involves opening a chest on Nessus before accessing the new Tribute Hall location and completing new bounties.

Depending on how you approach the quest, it could be a long wait before you get your hands on the new pulse rifle. Taking that approach is best on your in-game wallet, as it affords you the ability to complete bounties that discount the cost of tributes, although you're limited in the number of these bounties you can do per day. Alternatively, if you're stocked up well enough, it's actually possible to get Bad Juju fast--just be ready to pay the price.