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Destiny 2: Where Is Xur? Week 7 Exotic Weapons And Armor (Oct. 19-23)

Find out what Xur's selling this week in Destiny 2: Forsaken as Festival of the Lost and Iron Banner are going on.

Xur's made his latest appearance in Destiny 2, offering a new slate of Exotic items for sale. This time around, you'll find him in a cave on Io, as seen in the video above. We've got a more detailed walkthrough in our Xur guide.

Guardians will find one piece of Exotic armor for each class for sale; they each cost 23 Legendary Shards. There's also an Exotic weapon, which in this case is the excellent hand cannon Crimson. While that's certainly desirable, the big item chase right now is for the auto rifle Horror Story, which comes as part of the ongoing Festival of the Lost event and is guaranteed to be 600 Power level.