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Destiny 2 - Where Is Xur? Exotic Location Guide 3/13 -3/17

Trials of Osiris is here! If you want to grab a lucky exotic or fated engram before you jump into the fray, check out what Xur has to offer this week!

The first weekend of Trials of Osiris has arrived in Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy, and changes to the game have introduced a whole new meta to PvP. It's a great time to gear up on Exotics from Xur. Check out the video above to see where you'll find him and what he's carrying.

Head to the Tower on the Hangar side to visit Xur. He's offering Coldheart for his weapon, a powerful Exotic trace rifle that fires a super-accurate laser beam that'll give you additional damage the longer you hold it down on an enemy. Check out our written Xur guide for more info.

The Season of the Worthy has just kicked off, bringing new activities to the game. Check out our guide to the new Seraph Bunkers and Seraph Towers for a full rundown of how they work. There are also a bunch of new changes to the game thanks to its latest update; check out the full patch notes for details.