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Destiny 2 - Where Is Xur? 2020 Exotic Vendor Location Guide (1/10 - 1/14)

Xur has returned in Destiny 2 on the final week of the Dawning Event. Before the gifts are vaulted for another year, check out what Xur's got in his goody bag. Here's where to go.

Xur has arrived in the solar system yet again in Destiny 2, offering a fresh batch of Exotics to help you fill out your collection. Although Destiny 2's holiday event, The Dawning, continues until the weekly reset on Tuesday, Xur isn't exactly in a giving mood--but for the right price, you can pick up a new Exotic weapon or piece of armor, including those that are new to the Season of Dawn.

Check out the video above to see how to get to Xur and what he's carrying. You'll find him camped out on The Rig on Titan. The newest Exotic he has this week is Black Talon, a sword from the Forsaken expansion. If you like wielding a blade but are put off by the need to get in close to your enemies, good news: Black Talon can fire powerful projectiles. That makes it very useful in both PvE and PvP circumstances.

Use your new toys from Xur to make the most of the new Sundial activity and last few days of The Dawning and its bounties, which offer double XP. Check out our full rundown of baking recipes for The Dawning.