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Destiny 2 -- Wanted Guide: Silent Fang Powerful Gear Bounty (Oct. 23-30 Video Guide)

The weekly reset adds a new Spider bounty for Powerful gear. This one has you headed to the EDZ to take down Silent Fang. Here's what to do.

The non-stop hunt for Powerful gear in Destiny 2 continues with the latest weekly reset. Spider's rotation of bounties has been refreshed, with the highlight being his big bounty for Powerful armor or a weapon. This week, Wanted: Silent Fang is on tap--here's what you'll need to do to complete it.

After purchasing the appropriate bounty from Spider, you'll head to the EDZ to take part in an Adventure. Although the name and target is the same, this is slightly different from the previous incarnation of Wanted: Silent Fang, as you'll instead be exploring a Lost Sector in the Winding Cove. That difference aside, the goal and mechanics are the same: you'll work through the Lost Sector and then need to kill Silent Fang, who will be immune to damage at times. When this happens, you'll have to destroy explosive shanks, which will drop items that can be thrown at shield generators to drop Silent Fang's shields. Kill him to complete the bounty and net some Powerful gear.