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Destiny 2 - Season Of The Worthy Opening Cinematics

Season of the Worthy has launched with players looking forward to a refreshed new set of rewards and activities to partake in. Here are the opening cinematics setting up the story premise for Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy.

The story of Destiny 2 is moving forward with the Season of the Worthy, bringing a new threat to the Last Safe City. In the Season of Dawn, the Cabal's Red Legion attempted to undo its loss of the Red War with time travel--and failed, thanks to all the Guardians who play the game. The cinematics at the start of the Season of the Worthy show they've got one last trick up their sleeve: the Almighty. Check out what's up in the video above.

If you don't remember, the Almighty was a giant Cabal spaceship with the job of blowing up stars. The Red Legion intended to use the Almighty to destroy the entire solar system should they lose their bid to steal the Traveler's Light back in the vanilla Destiny 2 story campaign. As part of the campaign, it was your job to travel to the Almighty, board it, and disable it. Unfortunately, you couldn't destroy the Almighty because it was too big and too powerful; blowing it up would have been just as devastating as if it had used its weapon to destroy the sun. So the ship has just been sitting ever since, quietly waiting.

Though it's no longer a threat to the sun, as Zavala and Ana explain in the cutscene videos, the Cabal have a new plan: drop the Almighty on the City. The thing is basically just flying toward Earth, where it's going to crash. The only chance now is to shoot it down with something even more powerful. Your job in the Season of the Worthy is to enlist the help of Rasputin, the powerful but not especially trustworthy AI called a Warmind, to blast the Almighty before it smashes into the planet and ruins everybody's day. That means completing the new events scattered around the solar system; check out our Seraph Bunker and Tower guide to see just what you need to do.