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Destiny 2 - How To Start Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon Quest

Penumbra has launched it's second exotic weapon quest. This time for the much anticipated Lumina hand cannon, the Rose to the infamous Thorn. Here's where to go to get the first step started.

Destiny 2's latest Exotic chase is on--this time for the hand cannon Lumina (as well as Rose, which you'll get as part of hte process). This gun can be fired at allies to heal them, but how do you get it? You'll have to proceed through a number of quest steps, and in the video above, we walk you through how to get started. This is available to all players who own the Annual Pass.

We also have a more in-depth guide to Lumina's quest steps, of which there are quite a few. While it's certainly possible to get in a day, don't be surprised if it takes longer. Some aspects are time-consuming, while others will rely on some luck, such as defeating a Gambit invader before they're able to kill any of your teammates.