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Destiny 2 Guide For Wanted: Blood Cleaver -- Powerful Gear Bounty (Oct. 16-23)

Each Destiny 2: Forsaken reset gives you another chance to get Powerful gear. This week's Wanted bounty sends you to Io, where you'll have to kill Blood Cleaver. Captured on PC.

Destiny 2: Forsaken's newest big weekly Spider bounty is a repeat of an earlier one that can prove frustrating if you don't know what to do. For five Ghost Fragments, you can purchase the Wanted: Blood Cleaver bounty. This sends you on an Adventure on Io where you'll have to deal with a cleaver-wielding enemy who hangs out inside an orange dome that inflicts the Suppressed nerf on you, which doesn't allow you to fire your weapon. Here's how to kill him.

Suppressed may not let your weapon work, but you can still use your melee. What that means is you can slowly grind your way to a kill, as we demonstrate in the video above. Alternatively, you can use your melee to attack the object in the middle of the dome. Once it's destroyed, you'll be prompted for something called a Scorpius Core. Head back outside the dome to deal with the newly respawned enemies and you'll find a Core you can pick up. Carry this into the middle of the dome to dunk it, destroying the dome and allowing you to finally fire your weapons at Blood Cleaver. Kill him to complete the bounty and earn a piece of Powerful gear.