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Destiny 2 Forsaken's Wanted: Gravetide Summoner Weekly Powerful Gear Bounty

Each Destiny reset gives you a chance to get powerful gear. This week's most profitable Wanted Bounty sends you to Titan. Captured on PS4.

Destiny 2's weekly reset has arrived. Among other activities for Forsaken owners to take part in are Spider's bounties. As is the case each week, one of these--Wanted: Gravetide Summoner--offers Powerful gear as a reward. That makes it an especially desirable task to complete before the next reset.

As with previous instances of this bounty, purchasing it for five Ghost Fragments gives you a new Adventure on the map--this one is found on Titan and has a recommended Power level of 540. Head below deck on The Rig, and be sure to bring along at least one partner if your Power level is lagging behind the recommendation.

The Gravetide Summoner can't be directly damaged for most of the fight; first, you'll have to deal with the Gravetide Ogre. The fight has three damage phases with the Ogre in which waves of thralls and knights intermittently attack you. The Gravetide Summoner will begin to shoot at players in the last phase. Kill the ogre first, and the rest of the fight is over quickly.

If you're seeking more Powerful gear, another high-level activity you can take part in is the Ascendant Challenge. Or if you're simply looking for something new, Bungie has released the new Breakthrough mode for Crucible.