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Destiny 2 - Defeating The Undying Mind Boss In Vex Offensive Final Assault

The Season of the Undying is reaching its conclusion in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. The Undying Mind has finally reached the Vex Offensive activity.

Destiny 2 has been slowly rolling out new content over the course of its latest season, the Season of the Undying, and this week marks what seems to be the last big addition. It's a change to the Vex Offensive activity that's been a mainstay of the Season of the Undying. We're now in the Final Assault, in which you're tasked with taking down the Undying Mind, the Vex boss behind the weeks-long attacks on the moon players have been dealing with all season. In the video above, we take on the Vex Offensive, culminating in a battle with the Undying Mind to finally destroy it.

The Vex Offensive has been a running story all season. It started with the Shadowkeep expansion, in which the Hive began doing rituals surrounding a big black pyramid spaceship located under the surface of the moon. That ship belongs to the Darkness, the shadowy enemies at the center of Destiny lore and worshiped by evil folks like the Hive. The Vex also worship the Darkness, as we discovered in the Garden of Salvation raid, and have launched attacks from their origin point, the Black Garden, against the moon in order to stop the Hive or capture the pyramid.

In order to stop those attacks, players have been joining in the Vex Offensive activity, which sends you to the Black Garden to fight Vex and disrupt their operations. During the course of the season, Ikora Rey has been looking for a way to stop the Vex incursions once and for all. She's built a portal that can get you to the Undying Mind, the Vex robot behind the attacks, to finally destroy it. The trouble is, the Vex operate in multiple timelines at once, so there are thousands of copies of the Undying Mind. That's a pretty good excuse to keep replaying Vex Offensive over and over until the Final Assault activity ends.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much more to the Final Assault than that--the Undying Mind is only slightly tougher than previous Vex Offensive bosses, and the activity doesn't seem to offer any new rewards. That said, Bungie is known to drop secrets on the community we never expected, so there could be more to Final Assault than what we've seen so far. There are about three weeks left in the Season of the Undying, so we'll keep an eye out for any new developments with the Vex, the Black Garden, and the Undying Mind.