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Destiny 2 Corridors Of Time Secret Quest Walkthrough Guide

A new secret mission has revealed itself. Speaking to Osiris will give you the "Exploring Corridors of Time" quest--a difficult puzzle as you need to traverse through different paths in a particular order. Here are the first 5 pathway codes in this video guide.

Something new has crept into Destiny 2 with the latest weekly reset. Although it didn't appear on Bungie's content calendar for the Season of Dawn, a strange quest has appeared, accessible from Osiris on Mars. It includes a massive puzzle that the Destiny 2 community is working to solve--but so far, doing so can earn you some rewards, including a full lore book and a new special emblem.

The quest, called "Exploring the Corridors of Time," can be claimed from Osiris anytime. Once you have it, you can activate the Sundial nearby to enter the Corridors. Your task then is to navigate the maze-like hallways of the area. The Corridors are full of doorways, and each one is marked with a symbol. You need to find your way through to reach a special place called the Timelost Vault. But it's still not clear what you'll eventually find there.

The Destiny 2 community is hard at work solving the new quest, and have determined that codes for the pathways are appearing periodically on the Sundial obelisks scattered around the solar system. The video above will show you the first five codes that have been deciphered, as well as how to navigate the Corridors quickly and efficiently. Check out our full secret quest guide for "Exploring the Corridors of Time" more information as the quest is solved.