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Destiny 2: Ascendant Challenge Week 3 Location Video Guide (July 9-16)

The latest weekly reset brings a new Ascendant Challenge for Destiny 2: Forsaken players in the Dreaming City. Here's where to go and what to do complete it and earn Powerful gear.

Destiny 2's pattern of repeating Ascendant Challenges continues with the latest weekly reset, which adds a slate of Year Two Moments of Triumph for players to chase. With the rise of the Power level cap at the start of the Season of Opulence, Ascendant Challenges become a great way to earn Powerful gear to quickly advance on the gear grind. As always, you'll want to first buy the corresponding bounty from Petra and ensure you have the necessary item, the Tincture of Queensfoil, which gives you a temporary buff (Ascendance) that will allow you to see and travel through a Taken rift located in the Dreaming City.

This particular Ascendant Challenge involves climbing a tower and killing a boss at the top. This is more challenging than it may sound, as you'll have to contend with enemies and hazards that try to kill you or send you flying off the tower. You can watch the video above.

For this week, you'll have to climb a tower full of hazards and then defeat a boss. It's no easy task, especially since explosives can push you off the tower and make you start over, but doing so allows you to receive a piece of Powerful gear from the corresponding bounty. The video above will show you what you're in for.