Destiny 2 - 4 Things You Should Know Before Starting

Destiny 2 is out and there are a few things every Guardian should know before taking back the Traveler.

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    First thing: don't buy it now, or don't buy it at all

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    First thing you should know is that the game will be much better on PC. 60fps is so much better than how good the game looks. It's super annoying console devs care more about 4k than 60fps in an fps game.

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    lol only 4 things?

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    I just read the title and said. Its shit.

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    @skipper847: They also forgot to add point 5: As in the original Destiny; a legion of haters with little else to do with their time will come to the forums and comment section of websites to slur some attention-seeking one-liners.