Descent to the Underworld - Star Wars 1313 Web Documentary

Here's a Star Wars 1313 web doc introducing us to the underworld in the game.

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"There's going to be a lot more to hear about it in the future" . . . . liar.

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@Valacan Nah, they didn't lie. We heard news that it was being developed despite the Disney acquisition. Then we heard it was canceled. Then we heard it wasn't canceled. Then we heart it MIGHT be. Then we heard it was still in development. Then it was "possibly" still in development. Then it was "on hiatus", but only for a bit. Then it was just "on hiatus." Then it was canceled. Now it's "being reimagined." Plenty of news.

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Wow that's to bad that LA is now closed, all though I must say, I've not been much of a fan of star wars game sense the likes of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1&2), Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast & Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wars: Republic Commando! But then again who know what could happen in the future! More so now that Disney owns the rights for everything Movie and or Video Games?! Will just have to wait, (we know how to do that don't we lol) and see. Happy gaming all!

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looks class.more info please.

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Amazing how few people seem to have read any novels or accurately recall the original 3. The Republic Commando series is a very good read, especially if you like Mandalorians. Tales from the Most Eisley Cantina if not bad, for those who don't mind reading.

As for how others think of Jedi, we'll at best the general (Re)public view them as cops.Again, read something besides a comic.

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster at your side"

-Han Solo- Episode iv

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looks awesome! I am looking forward to it!

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I love this one & I will be super happy if they make SW BattleFront 3 Online : D

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Super excited about this game, hope we don't get let down.

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Am I the only one who's always enjoyed the stories and lifestyles of Bounty Hunters over Force users in the Star Wars universe?

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something like mass effect on star wars, is amazing!!!

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Looking forward to this game even though there are no jedi or sith it still seems like its got a compelling storyline.

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1313 stays true to its Star Wars roots, but explores a darker, grimier approach to the sci-fi formula. I hope this works out well. Anyway, the whole point of the game is to showcase the talents at the various Lucas departments, and so far, they've wowed a lot of people.

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A wonderful sci-fi world to immerse myself into after mass effect. I' m looking forward to it.

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Looks cool, but No lightsabers eh?

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Looks like a Mass Effect inspired clone... we'll see, I guess.

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Star wars 1313 will be on all 3 platforms it even says there


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Complaint alone.

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I love this game so much

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May the "Patience" be with you.....

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pc xbox ps3 ? or just pc & xbox ? just curious

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awesome...i will be following this this great enthusiasm

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This is going to be fantastic, can't wait to see more!

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amazing art work.. the lead artist... I want you NOW

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thank god its not another jedi sith crap fest.... starwars universe has so much more to offer than light sabers and good vs evil

the game look VERY promising... dare I say it might be the best SW game of all time ever since the franchise went into the gaming world, mass effect = starwars might just work out very well... but we wait and see...

if the in game graphics are the same as the "video" then its the best graphics i have seen ...ever

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just found out that this game will not have any multiplayer or co-op. Normally i would not mind that, but this game would be epic if it had co-op and competitive multiplay.

i will just say what my heart wants...............BATTLEFRONT 3

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@TERMINATOR-SSD Yes! Please let Battlefront 3 have split screen!

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@Iron_aufschlag i just find it really strange sometimes. Some games with tagged on multiplayer eg Dead Space 2, are abit poor. But games like this, Star Wars, sci fi shooter, with no co-op or competitive multiplayer just feels like a waste. I do hope they do add multiplayer.

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i hope the force is mentioned somewhere. i would like to get an opinion from the regular people in the star wars universe. they would most likely view the jedi as most people view our religions. anyway, it sure looks nice.

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The main character is a good looking lad.

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isn't this going to be the first Mature game from lucasarts?

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damn this looks good... gotta hand it to LucasArts for trying something so mature and unique within such an already well established franchise. Im calling the start of a meta franchise right here..

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This game caught my eyes definitely will try it!

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I'm trying to be cautious with my enthusiasm, but I must say that it certainly has potential.

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its always nice to see a change in a formula once in awhile but 1313 doesn't scream excitement buy me yet. I'll keep an eye on it but I still want a rpg not just another run of the mill shooter/action game.

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1) Star Wars wouldn't be today what it is,if there were no Jedi and Sith in it!

2) Game might be good or no, depends on player who plays it. Some might like it, love it or hate it.

3) While I love Jedi and Sith ( even though in every game, every other class outmatches them it seems ), I still like to see games with them in it.

4) Personally this game does little to me in terms of buying it or playing, it interests me enough to check little about it when it comes out.

5) Game will probably boring, short and very linear.

6) Haters and 12-year olds will start replying with posts, that I hate this game. because it's no Jedi or Sith ( even though I am 80% sure, that u will have to fight one or other in game ) to play.

7) Why do I say this game is boring? watch trailer:D

8) Haters start posting ur replies and as I know,put numbers like I did...u know u want to and u will

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@mcepin3 ... dont do drugs kids ^^^

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While I'm not that excited about this game in particular, I am sick of people thinking Star Wars is just about the Force users. While the Jedi are a huge part of the universe some of the best games, books and comics in the franchise have had nothing or very little to do with them. The Star Wars universe has expanded so far beyond the films that there is a story from nearly every kind of genre set within it.

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@SubHumanTorch did you catch the part where he said you play as a bounty hunter?

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@v3rtigoh @SubHumanTorch I don't think you understood his comment v3. He was saying there are so mnay more characters to the Star Wars franchise.

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@egger7577 @SubHumanTorch well that escalated quickly

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@v3rtigoh @SubHumanTorch DId you catch the entire comment section complaining how the game was NOT about Sith and Jedi?

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@MXVIII @SubHumanTorch evidently NOT ;)

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There goes Mass Effect. Here comes 1313. This game will surely be a dreamwalk to the mankind.

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@winshot i hope so

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I hope they change the main character's face. I mean it's kinda creepy

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@lekford he is a bounty hunter, he needs to be creepy looking for intimidation factor, chances are his targets will be ugly looking aliens who will make im look just right in comparison.

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this is the first star wars game I might get