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uncharted 1 & 2 plus 3 when it gets here and infamous,killzone 2, GTA 4 etc. need I go on

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Name one game better than this.

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@Khadaj32 I don't have a problem with you. The game doesn't look fun to me. If you like the game then that is great. There are better games out there and I bet you would say the same.

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@TJSOONERFAN Damn, did you completely miss the mark, or what? Color your face red.

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The art direction looks fantastic, and combat looks deep. I've ordered this although I know I'm going to get pummelled.

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what do you expect from a *** game? its hard!! yea its hard!! although its worth it.

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This will have lot of peps pissed off when they see how hard it is

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I had my doubts before, but I'm actually starting to like this game. The fact that it looks hard makes it more exciting.

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How long is it?

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I say : in 2009 a TOP RPG game look like this at least. Or should be.

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mehhh, we'll see

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I imported this game, and all i can say is holy cr@p its awsome! Such a good combat system! the games on the hard side so if your a noob to the ps3, your gona die alot..... I would sugest geting the demon brand ASAP and upgrading it to the north regalia, without it your pretty much screwed.... The Demon Brand is a ROW (redicously overpowered weapon), i defeated the adjudicator in 3 shots with it! hehe......

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I really don't know about this game, every time I see it, it looks cool but something in the back of my head says I won't like it... let's hope for a demo.

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@ nylrem114 l know ... her voice sucks sounds like shes about to pass out. other than that looks pretty good

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her voice is so boring...looks like she is reading a simple magazine.

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Pre-ordered the eluxe edition ^_^ I hope it's not THAT hard lol other than that I'm looking forvard to it.

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imported a while ago, its a gr8 game but also one of the hardest games iv ever played, and because of this it is very very stressful....

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Wow, this game looks really good. I live in Norway, so I have imported this from yesasia.com... I have also bought a playstation 3 with 2 movies, 2 games + one extra controller... Can`t wait for it :)

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This reminds me alot of Blade of Darkness (Severance) back in the day.

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That video reaaaally isnt very good, I imported it from Hong Kong a while ago, don't get put off by the terrible video guys :) The UI isn't very good though true Oh yea and theres no way you would survive like that, except maybe on the 1st level.

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she has a freaky voice. graphics look great though. im worried about gameplay, it didnt look like anything special there. ill keep my eye on this one.

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This is a shallow hack and slash. Very disappointing. :( Buy Dragon Age Origins it is better from this

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This game rocks! I imported it from korea and it is so worth it. I've beated the first two boesses (slug/shield/spear monster and tower knight). If you got any question feel free to ask. BTW Im a knight so if your question is about magic, cant help much...

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can you bring along a team?

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damn i'm too young to view this vid

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I hope this game isn't to frustrating. I can't tell you guys how many times I quit a game because I sucked at it so badly. Looks pretty good otherwise.

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she has a boring voice

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Pre-ordered the deluxe edition a week or so ago from Software etc. I am so looking forward to this game, and I wish that Atlus would release a bloody demo or release the game sooner. I don't want to wait a whole month longer! Come on Atlus, toss us (another) bone.

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Hmm. I wish I could play a demo of this before buying. I'm always pretty skeptical of getting new RPG games..

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I've been planning to get the special edition. I wanted it even before Atlus announced that they were releasing it here.

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wow can t wait!

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I have the Asian version, and I can tell you guys, it's really not that hard. You get used to it after a while. It's only when you complete the game and you choose to start over with harder opponents that it starts to get hard.

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what we need is a drop in the games prices

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dragon age origins will compete with this but both look like good games. it sucks that all the good games come out all together at once its hard to choose which one to get sometimes

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Nice demo but it didn't show how awesome DS really is. To bad. This game is so epic.

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Poor girl got cut off before she could tell us what the rare items were.

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Pre-ordered the delux edition. I'm going to enjoy this game a lot.

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I can't wait for this. It looks great. I trust Atlus enough to buy this on day one but I have heard that it's a very difficult game.

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looks good.

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Game is really difficult, but the melee system is awesome!

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Extremely hard game

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You can tell that even she finds the game boring...I'm REALLY hoping this is more fun to play than it is too watch.

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Wow this game is deeper then I thought. I didn't know that there were 10 different starter classes.

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Her voice is annoying.It looks dull, but this happens with all RPGs for me. Watching it is boring but playing it will be fun

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got the imported version :D the game rocks!!! the best boss fights from What I've seen so far Unlike any other game!!!