Death Stranding: What Do New Details Tell Us? - The Lobby

Hideo Kojima recently dropped details regarding Death Stranding, the crew speculate into this mysterious new title.

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This game is just too random for me to give a shit...

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Hey guys, good show!

Just my thoughts here but, I can picture the whole idea of things being connected to each other or perhaps the "Machines" that are floating above the land, since you can see the dead whales, dolphins and so forth on the shore with the "same" umbilical cord attached to them. If you look closely on frame 6:51 you can see that same cord coming out of the dead mammals ...

Then you have Norman Reedus being the "only" one that no longer is connected to wherever this umbilical cord is going.

Well that's me just throwing things out there, not sure if that has been something others have paid attention to or not.

Thanks again! Keep up the good work!