Death Stranding - Official TGS 2018 Trailer

Take a look at the official trailer for Death Stranding revealed at TGS 2018 which reveals Troy Baker's character.

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SO PUMPED for this game.

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Oh...wait, Now I have questions.

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Is there a transcript of the Death Stranding presentation at Tokyo Game Show, or will there be an article written about it rather than just this new teaser?

That said, I have to agree that Troy Baker sounds too much like his normal speaking voice. He's a bit of a star so we know what he looks like. Perhaps the in-game character looks like him as well?

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I guess I'm one of the few hype over this trailer and still believe Kojima will put out a good game. I've never been a fan of the metal gear series but I think now that he has more freedom to do what he wants, the game will be quite an experience when it does come out. Yall gotta remember he wanted to stop making MGS games after the second one. When V was in development he wasn't getting along with the execs at Konami and they forced him to hurry up and ship the game. The only thing I worry about is Death Stranding being mediocre but took so much of Sony's money to make that it cripples the development and time other games need to be great over the course of several years into the of the PS5 era.

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they may want to consider showing something to us that make actually want the game. It more WTF moments than you can shake a stick at......and thats not a good thing.

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It will be a movie. 80% cutscenes and 20% gameplay.

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@nsa_protocol44: i highly doubt that

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@nsa_protocol44: And you 10 percent brains.

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@cashx002: Well atleast its more then your's. Seeing that comment of your's it must be 1% LOL

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@nsa_protocol44: ** Yours ** Hahahaha, I was messing with ya, but the game WILL BE GOOD!

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anddd still don't have a clue what i do in this game.

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I think Kojima has been watching a bit too much He-Man whilst producing this game.

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This is Kojima unleashed. Remember poor Konami when we’re delivered a directionless mess.

No gameplay(still), sh*t dialogue (written by kojima no doubt) and a butthole monster.

I’m not sure Kojima himself knows where it’s going.

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@mistervulpes: lmao I said to myself...well that looks like a black butthole. good to see someone else saw it too

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@mistervulpes: Dkojima Unchained "The D Is Silent."