Death Stranding - Official Gameplay Reveal | Gamescom 2019

Watch Norman Reedus pee on the grass and grow mushrooms. Yes, that's a thing in Death Stranding, headed to PS4 on November 8. Also Geoff Keighly is in this game--go figure.

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im sorry but this looks boring

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@sebalayo: thank you. Kojima is a self absorbed narcissistic hack who hasn’t made a good game since MGS 4. Peace Walker and MGS V were hot garbage, and this game looks to be even worse. He’s had like...4 years to strike our interest in this game and each passing year, he just shows little by little using overly long trailers and vague wording (per usual) that really shows nothing about this game whatsoever. He’s past his prime. He’s too far up his own ass these days to make anything worthwhile.

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@sebalayo: I’m so glad that someone has finally had the balls to say this. Death Stranding looks boring as shit; a walking simulator.