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Got Deus Ex for $4.6, complete Complete company of heroes $7.49, Tomb Raider underworld $0.80, Tomb Raider Anniversary $ 2.49, OPF Dragon rising and Red River $ 4.99. Also have Half life 2 and episode 1 / 2.

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hey do people play Bordelands 2 a lot on PC, how's the server activity?

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I'm still confused with EA games.

Does ME2 still require Origin? Under the system requirements it says "EA account required" but it doesn't specify what kind of account.

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@DarknautXXX You require to log in a Cerberus account (EA account) AFTER you start up the game so you can access DLC content. But you can choose to ignore that login if you don't care about DLC.

But no, no Origin

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Is there any good dlc, as in single player content that progresses the story in a meaningful way, or is it just all just special weapons, multiplayer maps, etc?

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@DarknautXXX the shadow broker and overlord dlc are both excellent story based content.

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I got Fallout: New Vegas ultimate edition (game +4 DLC) for 5 euros and Hitman: Absolution for 6 euros.

My brother got Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War : Retribution for 5 euros.

I will get Dishonored in Christmas sales.

Meanwhile i play Dead Island which i got for 5 euros

Steam sales are awesome! ^_^

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But Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was only $6 or $5 on Steam, why get it from EA with $10!!!

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This is the best Gamespot show ever

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@Armyboy5 Agreed.

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I hope metro last light gets another vote disscount opportunity (yes i know its already 20% off), im dissapointed it lost to the deus ex collection.

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@hampton2003 If I were you, I'd be patient.

If its not offered as a Flash Sale or community choice, its very likely it may be offered on the last day of the sale as a last chance sale (they've done that every summer and xmas sale for the past few years, where the top AAA games are always included. I would think Borderlands, Bioshock and Metro will all have atleast one more daily deal or flash sale opportunity.

PS: I will help vote for Metro for you, I got Deus Ex for $3 :D

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Sim City 4, a ten year old game selling for 20$ at full price, 10$ at a discount? There are plenty of more recent, almost new big games selling for less right now.

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That music intro always brings up memories of walker into my head.



On topic:

Dust looks pretty cool. Gonna have to check some more gameplay videos of that.

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Dust: An Elysian Tail !!!!


(Ps: this breathtaking game and story was made by a single person! excluding sound of course.)

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@GunEye Yeah I might go for it.

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@thermalmotion @GunEye Trust me, you won't regert it.

I give it the best indie game of 2013 award and the best story.

This game is fabulous. The characters are appealing, interesting and addicting. Every npc or generic guy you meet got his/her own character, personality, unique look, voice - making every character among that massive cast more memorable than any character I have encountered on AAA games.

This game is worthy of high recognition and praise as Bastion.

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They should get Adam Orth to host one of these episodes


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@xlord121 Man he's still super butthurt, I guess he's hosting some speech about the cruelty of the internet later this year.

He's a derp.

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@sonyfreak456 lol with it...

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just bought dishonored with all the dlc for $16. The game itself is usually around $40. I can't believe the amazing steam sales.

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Greenman's got Bioshock Infinite: Season Pass for approx $21 w/ coupon.

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Is it just me or has the steam sale been underwhelming so far?(probably just me)

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@NightOfInsomnia I've already gotten like 5 games, spent less than 30 bucks, haha.

Sympathy to those of you who aren't pleased with what Steam's put up though.

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@NightOfInsomnia For the most part I've mostly got cheaper stuff (indie games mostly). System Shock 2 for $2.50 was a good deal (considering GOG's summer sale had it for $5), and Tomb Raider for $12 was not bat at all :)

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@YoungCardinal @NightOfInsomnia I think Tomb Raider has been the best deal so far. It was the lowest priced and most recent game out there.

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@NightOfInsomnia Deus Ex: HR going for 2.99 is a steal

I think that's the steepest sale I've come across so far

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@NightOfInsomnia there's a lot of cheap indie games.

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@sunbeam4 @NightOfInsomnia That is true, there are some good indie game prices. However, I got a lot of the indie titles through the humble bundle deals at .99 cents for 5 indie games.

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@NightOfInsomnia I kind of agree, I really liked that Xcom was only $10 like 2 days ago but other than that the games on sale were either ones that I didn't want or ones that I thought would be less money and I'm too cheap to buy them lol

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@NightOfInsomnia Agreed. Discounts haven't been as deep as earlier sales. I've still picked up a few things though.

Unless the sale turns for the better i may just give my wallet a rest until Shadowrun Returns and Europa Universalis 4 hits the digital streets.

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@NightOfInsomnia Same, only because i've bought most things i was after in previous sales xD