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It's just like an old 70's horror movie trailer and has the aesthetic of a well used print of a George Romero "...of the dead" film...a perfect aesthetic for a spook, survival horror. Hyper-realism isn't the only way gang... enjoy Halo, Call of Duty, but remember they're not the only game in town as far as image and art direction is concerned.

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I guess someone's gonna get fired soon:))

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I hate people who seem to think that graphics are a discerning factor and that every flaw needs to be pointed out. Oh noes, Super Mario Bros. 3 isn't in 3D, but Gallop Racer 2006 is! I guess we know which one is ultimately better!

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Watching the video Agent vs. Zombies is like watching Alan Wake !!

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PS2 graphics?

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LOL wow...thrilling video. Several things: jerk cop puts his lights on at the end after driving recklessly. The roads are as smooth as butter...seems like theres a place where politicians dont pocket taxpayer money and actually use it for maintenance. Theres no animation to the sheriff's vehicle until it swerves. lol

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it look almost boring to drive that car.

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lol at the background music is epic

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Ign.com gave this game a 2. GameSpot gave it a 7. It shows that people fill differently about games.

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looks like good story but horrible graphics

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ps2 game?

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i think this game got 7 from gamespot because of the story.

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Wow...I'm disappointed in whoever decided that these videos were best for representing this game. << LINK REMOVED >> shows a cutscene from the game...This video did it for me. Went out and purchased it as soon as I could...I've been enjoying the hell out of it ever since :)

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Watched all the videos, and am not impressed.

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Failry lackluster video right there...I won't make my decision to get it or not based on this video though...

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Another GTA aspect to this game?:P OMG! Talking about a combination of SH and GTA. Scary. But worth my money though 'cause it's budget price now XD

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The vehicle controls are...different, that's for sure. It certainly did take a little bit getting used to (like having to push up-left to turn left a little bit more smoothly than just left)...but after being told to drive carefly by the "Monarch," letting go and driving all over the road feels every bit as silly as it should. At the end of the day, this game isn't as serious as, say...a Silent Hill game. Don't go into it expecting it to be: 1) straight up survival horror, and 2) AAA polished. It's essentially an indie game released at a budget price :p

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Bad vehicle controls perhaps? Braking is just too darn harsh and sudden. And good grief, a dull driving section in what is otherwise a game that cannot decide whether it should be a shooter, a thriller or horror game? In which the player earns money from nowhere by sending creatures that can't decide whether they should be zombies, ghosts, shadows or demons from other dimensions? AND a protagonist muttering "good shot", "great", etc. (essentially patting himself in the back for getting rid of entities that should drive any normal person mad with terror) while doing so?

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Wow. This looks really fun. Fun like slowly pulling your own toenails out.