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Dead Space Remake: Story and Unitology’s Origins Explained

Dead Space Remake is finally out, and while it mostly follows the original game’s story, there are a few major changes here and there. So, here is the story of Dead Space: Remake, with its changes taken into account and explained.

Dead Space is a space horror story where humans stumble upon an alien civilization called Necromorphs that infest and multiply through human hosts. These aliens are all part of one hive mind that uses a mysterious marker to send signals and hallucinations into its targets in order to spread. While that’s a decent surface level telling of the overall idea, there’s far more to it. From cult-like religious zealots to government interference, and more.

You follow engineer Isaac Clarke and the crew of the USG Kellion as they answer a distress call from the planet cracking USG Ishimura. Planet Cracking ships are run by the CEC corporation in order to gather vital resources for the denizens of Earth and mankind, yet something seems off about this mission. From a distress call to Isaac by his lover Nicole Brennan, to the fact that the mining operations is happening on Aegis VII. a planet deemed out of bounds by EarthGov. What is going on, and how does this all tie into the cult-like religion of Unitology?

Find out all of the lore and backstory to this beloved space horror.