Dead or Alive 5 Dojo - Crucial Pointers for New Players

Have you picked up Dead or Alive 5? Do you want to be a proficient fighter? Competitive Dead or Alive player Daniel "Berzerk" Chlebowczyk gives strategies and tips for good starting characters, the critical burst system and how to be the best at taunting.

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i plan to get this game this week

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I agree nothing against her as a person but this just isnt ehr thing.

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@farcry360 Google me.

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a "relly good friend" of a big person in gamespot :)

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I wonder how was the sell of the game (Almost preorder the collector's edition, just that its contents are not attractive enough. I kinda hope it to have more collective value).

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Exactly why i only play fighting games with my friends on my local xbox -_-"

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by watching her face she looks pretty bored there lol

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@trywizard Why do they hire ppl (girls) who really aren't that attracted in games anyway?

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@trywizard Underneath my calm facade is a DOA pro waiting to happen. Zen face.

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@Zorine @trywizard You should maybe consider throwing a few simple questions in, or just comments on what's being demonstrated. It'll give the impression that you have interest in what's being said. Everything you've said in the video seemed scripted and disinterested except the brief dialogue about strikes and throws at 7:40-ish. More of that and more smiling and you'll win the hearts and minds of your audience.

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yeah, if I'm that guy, I would stop already.

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It folks like Daniel that ruin my online experience on fighting games.

I thought I was immense at Tekken until I actually played the thing online.. Might as well have left the pad on the floor and walked out the room.

Once someone gets 'keepy-ups' it's all over.

Fair play to the guy, he's talented. But I wouldn't enjoy playing him AT ALL.

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hahahaha. happened to me too.

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the comment section shows how much people care about being "pro" xD.

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Like is said in previous post, fighting games of today are a rocket science and not fun anymore. Too much involved.

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@DarthLod Please explain how lvl3 X-factor Wesker involves any amount of "rocket science".

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@Rizion89 @DarthLod wesker isnt relavent anymore.

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@Albelnox0 @victorlamy @Rizion89 @DarthLod


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@victorlamy @Rizion89 @DarthLod CHRIS!!!

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@Rizion89 @DarthLod relevant*

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@DarthLod They're still fun, the "rocket science" part mostly applies to the competitive players or people who play at tournaments.