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How is this game now a days? I remember I tried it on the PC when it first came out, but like most newly launched MMO's, there were a ton of issues which I just didn't bother with at that point in time.

Is the game even playable as F2P, at least the old content to see if you end up liking the game at all? It's not like I have a shortage of games to play on my XBO/PS4, but I'm getting bored with WoW again already and was looking for something else to kind of check out.

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what SOE doesnt tell you is that you have to wade through months of grinding to get to combat rating 84 before you can even do this content. you can shoot to tier 3 content pretty fast... but tier 4... and then tier 5 takes a LOOOOOOT of grinding.

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You know....i have kind of missed the whole DC Universe Online thing, but after seeing this i may have to check it out. Its just so easy now that its on PS4, i really have no excuse. I want to be a translucent lantern core member.....either that or an evil goldfish with rage powers. Just imagine me flying around in my bowl with a cute little castle and the bubbling treasure chest, when BLAM! I furious flame you right in your mug.

Well now ive completely talked myself into it....im off to play on PS4....

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good to see more lantern stuff

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I haven't played this before but it was a very interesting walk-through and I have to applaud Yens Anderson (sorry if i miss-spelled your name) for a great narration of all the new DLC stuff, the story, and the game mechanics. He did a great job!! Also, thanks to Kevin and Justin for participating and taking questions. You all did a fantastic job!

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Video starts at 7:05 minutes in (for anyone wanting to skip the God-awful music).