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It looks like it's heading in the right direction.

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Something tells me this game is not going to be good. They keep showing empty trailers and nothing new. -_-

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this is just another game that has poor physics but i cant blame them most games physics suck buildings that look big but that have nothing to do with the gameplay streets with 4 or 5 thugs that look like they are stuck togather with a invisible gleu

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wow! buildings and places and streets......and....nothing....wow

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@hlmcpherson agreed, they better make it good if they expect to content with the rest of the other MMO's comming out. Most of these videos will only show the best parts of the game to try and sell people, and it always works, because gamers are gullible.

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Anyone know if the buildings are just for show or can we go inside them? Will be a very plain world if all the buildings are actually just painted cardboard boxes.

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where's crime alley? wayne manor? was that commissioner gordon stomping on the ground? hope those buldings are scalable and explorable inside out :)

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I always love these games for about a month and then never again do I play them.

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how awesome would it be if u look up and u see ur own signal!

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The Atmosphere looks good I like it :D

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wow thats really nice hopefully this game is successful

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The blimp at the end was a very nice touch. It reminded me of the 90s series opening.

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Lots of canonical places there - awesome!

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