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The music in that trailer kinda of reminds me of Nolan's batman trilogy haha

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14.99 a month...I'm not a huge comic book fan, maybe thats why this doesn't really get me excited. I hope this was footage from the ps3 version b/c the graphics look terrible even tho its a work in progress.

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@jokerzrus thats what i thought till the green lantern those are the only 2 good ones

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this game looks AWESOME!

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Also, I think Joker's design in this is really not that great.

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The Joker and Batman are really the only good things about DC. If the two were turned over to Marvel, Marvel would be Epicly Perfect and DC would slowly fall.

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well that trailer just got me to want a copy.

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Look, up in the sky, It's me!

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Looks better than Champs Online anyway...

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UK monthly fee will be about a tenner. Looks like a City Of Heroes clone, even made by one of the same teams who worked on it i think. As long as the custom options for character creation remain as varied and in depth as COH it might be a good blast for a bit. Not happy with the fees tho.

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yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ps3 rules 4ever wooooooooohooooooooooooooooo

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Looks good..well see:)

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My eyeballs just came out of my head!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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They have Harley Quinn!!!! Now I am excited!

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I'd like to play as the Joker.

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I hope the PS3 version doesnt require a monthly fee

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Damn this looks awesome l cannot wait for this

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i thinkk it would be cool if u could take on both sides, so say u want the whole world to ure self so u take on vilains and heroes.

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At 1:10, that was probably Detective Bullet. Knowing Bullet, he would probably be the boss for one of the villains' quests.

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Well...I saw Batman flying in that trailer unless he's being carried which I doubt. lol

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I wonder what level that guy was? Only 5 more months! Ah, who am I kidding, it'll get pushed back again, no doubt.

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Ive been waiting for a good MMORPG without an annual cost for the consoles. This looks promising.

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@T-Sub96 You should check your parental and/or pop-up blocker settings. I'm pretty sure its something simple like that. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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@guynamedbilly well the crazy legs is just for acrobatics but hey

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cant wait for it

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It looks interesting. Honestly the worst thing I've seen about this game in every video is the running animation. Super knee lifting while running is impressive, but it looks wonky when everybody has that superpower.

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Omg this actually looks good! But why the F**k does batman look like catwoman with those ears???? WTF??!!?!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I hope this does well, looks interesting

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loving the Dark Knight music. This game is one of my favs from E3

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it's like world of warcraft for comic book fans! I'm pumped..i REALLY hope it doesn't suck!

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For some reason no videos will play on gamespot for me! The advertisements play, and stuff that's live, but other videos just won't, and stuff like youtube works. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Awesome and hilarious! XD

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Looks like it might be slightly less crappy than champions online.