DayZ Diaries - Part 9: The Search for Sean

Inspired by the events of Part 8, Dan and Ed begin a long adventure to find their pal Sean in the big bad world of DayZ.

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DayZ Diaries
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I still wish they would bring this little series back.

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I guess this was the last show. Great run! Sean will never be found now.

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Sad that Sean will never know about their search for him, or that he was on a Gamespot vid like in Video 8.

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Now no ones ever gonna see this but hear it goes anyway, What dose it mean if Dayz becomes a standalone game? I've never heard that term before thanks

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@nanno111 At present, Day Z is a mod for the game ArmA 2. What they are working on now, the standalone game, will mean that it is a completely separate game from ArmA. So it will be just like any other game you buy. Hope that helps.

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@evil_angel74 helped heaps thanks.