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Wow a release date from a dev!! Excited about this game!

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@ cocacolahi I think that most of the time he was doing that on purpose as a joke.

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I'm really peed off about this game.... I'm a HUGE fan of the first game... one of my all time favorite shooters... it was amazing..there was a ton of attention to detail and realism...it was very dark...you couldn't go rambo which this new one is all about....this game looks good but not good for The Darkness.....I'm really depressed about this

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Nolan North has to be in every freakin' game...

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Nice, Interesting

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Interesting, but not my thing. Not a Darkness fan.

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wow, ricardo man. I dont know if you're a really mean guy or just cracking down on poor performance from the guys behind darkness2. I guess a bit of both. Good job, but i think you could have been a little less harsh. We dont want to stop hearing about darkness 2 on gamespot...

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Sad that they changed jackie's voice actor :(.