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This week on The Lobby - Dark Souls II, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Rambo The Video Game and Vince Zampella himself!

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why would you play this rambo games? you might aswell just play COD.

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great show! a lot of good entertainment in there!

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This show's pretty A-ok.

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My experience of Dark souls was hard, brutal at times, dark, rewarding, satisfying, and most of all fun and challenging, I remember walking through small tunnels getting owned until you learn the tactics, exploring new areas and opening up shortcuts, sometimes not willing to press forward with the fear of losing your hard earned souls, fighting bosses 3-4 times sometimes to kill it then to go from that to half way through the game to be presented with Anor londo, one of the most beautiful views I had ever seen in a game. Then you watch this video and early on your presented with a view that looks amazing but shouldn't be in the game that early, I wan't the dark atmosphere before I suddenly forget how brutal the game can be for a short time, also the game looks majorly dumped down, the ability to warp from the start? that completely takes out the point of the shortcuts, even the giants look way to easy to kill lmao, I don't know maybe it's just me but i'm not happy with the gameplay footage I just watched, I hope this master piece of a series isn't ruined by dumping the game down to the more casual crowed.

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Dayum I just got a 57 on my differential equations test...thanks gamespot..hah jk i love you.

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What's up gamespot Danny can't afford Taco Bell, pay the man!

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Hey, since when was Player 1 red?? Blue people blue, how dare you!!

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Gamespot, your videos are looking better-produced and more slick all the time. This was great! I loved the questions. Danny, you are the man. You've got like... 20x the charisma of Jimmy Fallon :-D

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Wow. You managed to extract a lot of different meanings from the single sentence I posted. Well done. You win a lifetime subscription to Punkbusters.

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@x-2tha-z A) Dark Souls PC has plenty of problems to begin with.

B) It's hardly being supported by the Devs. They made it and never looked back so why would you expect them to keep up with it?

C) They are primarily a Single Player game with multiplayer components. Important though they may be, it's quite easy to avoid. If you let people cheat in Titanfall, nobody buys Titanfall 2.

D) Trolling is part of Dark Souls. Do you really believe every note you read in that game? There's a great article on IGN about it. I suggest you check it out. And if you succumb to a hacker, odds are likely that you won't bump into him again just because of the nature of the matchmaking.

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I think anyone who was concerned Dark Souls 2 was going to be too easy can rest easy now.

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@el_swanno I refuse to watch anything about it till I get my hands on it.

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Stick of truth was censored in Europe huh? Poor SOBs. And Dark Souls II looking awesome. Which is awesome.

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Only the console versions are censored.

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Dark Souls II, releasing on the PS2 and Xbox on March 11.

Cutting Edge Graphics :O

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@swordoflorn OH DAYUM NICE ONE BRO

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Danny, what was your opinion on taco bell?

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@XaK2 Great hangover food

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Baja Chicken Chalupas...mother of god delicious

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Danny's nervous laugh at Kevin's Obama joke. Could someone make a quick gif. please

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"For competitive first-person shooters...I play on 360."

Oh wow.

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What Respawn going to do to stop hackers and keep the game clean on PC?

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@peymand The same things every company does. You're not trying to tell me you've had some big problem with hackers in recent PC games, are you? Because I don't believe that for an instant. Hackers haven't been a significant problem in most PC games for a decade.

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They're a big problem on Dark Souls on PC.

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SP Looks amazing. Funny, and a decent RPG. :D Would love to win!

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Loving SP:SOT so far! But can we take a moment to reflect on how cool Danny is?

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@millerdimarem I thought we were already doing that.

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@tomservo51 @millerdimarem I was doing it quietly, in the privacy of my home! Because.....Merica.

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Q: I haven't watched a whole lot of Titanfall gameplay, but what I have seen looks spectacular! Do the "Titans" have badass melee weapons? Sweet sword type-things in specific?

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Errmehgawd I want a copy of Stick of Truth...South Park and UbiSoft are two of my favorite things. Good luck everyone!

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Keep those questions coming guys! Next up we have New Releases followed by SOUTH PARK!

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Question: Would you consider developing a single player/ story based DLC if the game is successful?

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Question: Are there different modes that are without npcs

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Question: How interactive will creatures become in Titanfall? Possible boss fights?

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I didn't get beta for titanfall till i emailed them and asked with a picture of my kid reading gameinformer mag.

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@DigitalDame I really want a copy for Xbox 360 if I win! I have seen every episodes of South Park...multiple times.

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typo on front page title "Zameplla"

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@Talis12 Thanks, fixed!

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100 hours? NOTHING!! thats nothing!!!

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@MattyTheButcher I played dark souls so much my right hand got to the point where it was in exruciating pain. That is when I decided it was time to stop.

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@MattyTheButcher You tell 'em!

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Is it possible to play the game without dying?

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"Q" For titan fall why did you step away from making a single player campaign? Also are you worried about not making a connection with the player's that enjoy single player?

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where's Dark Souls 2

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@ShimmerMan Patience young padawan.

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@DigitalDame is this the chat room dammit??

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also, danny arrived on studio quite quickly ;D

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is that persona music during the intro?

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