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How many idiots still thinks that this vid is from PSP???

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Thumbs up if GS tryied to make you look like an idiot, for uploading a Xbox 360 game, saying that's for PSP....

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WOW! It's the best looking PSP game i've ever seen!!! LOL

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wtf this is 360 gameplay

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i have it it's sick

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Whoever says they THINK it likes like 360 the answer should be very straight forward. Plus the graphics are pretty good for the psp version and its alot of fun.

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Same as God of War!!!!

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a psp review with a xbox 360 gameplay? Thanks GS for trying to make us look like idiots.

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it's look nice but i wonder if it's just too short..can anyone answer me plz?

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@ saiyajinsc I know plus it wouldn't look like that on the PSP.

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That was nice:)

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this vid is the 360 version, if you guys pay attn to the qte buttons

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@Blaze484 : Oh no, I'm not saying GoW is rental material. I'm curious about how they'll pull off the PSP version without ruining it.

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@-Katsuri- I think most of us would agree that God of War is more than rental material! If this game is anything like it, it could be a lot of fun.

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i think it looks like xbox360

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this is awesome the way dante chop's the demon/ monsters looks cool

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Love it, great graphics and awesome weapon! Can't wait. Could be the thing that will get me back to my PSP

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its look cool

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Reminds me very much of God of War. Looks fun, but more rental material than buying.

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Video is from the PS3 damn rip off

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that vid was SICK!!!.. this game would may have the best graphics in the psp history..the gameplay has GoW+DM Series.. i would definitely buy this game..

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WOW looks grate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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how the hell did it take 6.5, damn its amazing

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this isnt a video for the psp gameplay thats sweet gamespot

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god of war + drakengard = dantes inferno

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i had to change my underwear after watching this...

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Looks FANTASTIC! A must buy for the PSP! Not so much for the PS3 though...

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great game

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@ ohsogood8 who cares our eyes can only register 35FPS and games only need 30FPS @ all times to be played @ stable rate... so anything higher would just be a waste, and only for bragging rights.

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I'm in. Where do I sign!?

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Finally this will make up for god of war not bieng on xbox but god of war is still king!

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It looks like God of War.

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I hope this game isnt as repetitive with the enimies as darksiders

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Question. Will the 360 run with 60 fps? I don't own an xbox; i'm just curious.

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I'm really looking forward to playing Dante's Inferno. i thank this game is gonna be alright even though the combat system is similar to G.O.W, but G.O.W don't have the nine circles of hell to explore. Hot Stuff

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how is this on psp and not on pc wats going on!!

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the 60fps looks great this game looks awesome

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Looks good!

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Who cares of its similar to GOW. You do realize there are millions of Xbox and Xbox 360 owners who have never played GOW right? This game will be awesome!

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for thoes who keep sayin "omg this is a rip ew ah111 its a rip off ah!!!" apparently u dont know that it was made by some of the people who made god of war thats why its slightly similar so get ur fax str8 before u start bsin cuz people do collabrotive projects >_>

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So who cares if it's a rip-off? The point is we get TWO great games. FUN games. Since when is that bad?

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I really dont think its a bad thing it resembles God of War. After all GoW was a lot of fun.

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@NovaKainPuNK Yeah you are a punk, and your wrong to idiot. I played the demo numerous times, and I CALL IT AS I SEE IT. Its just my opinion, but im not trying to ruin the game for anybody. I am however just stating a fact.ITS MY OPINION YOU SISSY B----.It does not matter what console its on(at least i dont). Dont call me things you cant say to my face. You only do because your a coward. Your a freakin dork for apologizing to the 360 fans (you Dumb fanboy). As far as the game goes I really am looking forward to it. I was just put off by that simularity, but i really like the story and the concept. It will get me ready for the real deal in MARCH. To everybody else....... Dont take peoples personal opinions to heart. It should not matter what me or anyone else thinks. It only matters what YOU YOURSELF THINK....................Good God dont take it so d@mn personal

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Yes this game looks hot, and I'm a big fan of GOW.. and to be honest, it doesn't bother me at all the fact that Dantes Inferno is very similar to GOW.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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this game looks awsome... got it today, cant wait to get on it!

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@game-on-man And @ all the other idiots. When will you all admit that you aren't mad because you think it's just a "rip-off"? You're just pissed and whiny because you love your little ps3 and you want to feel like you made the best purchase because you have a game like God of War. Get over it already. You're a DRONE. Nobody likes you or those other people that can't stop saying the same crap for even one second. It's not a nice quality. In fact, it shows a big lack of any social skills... I apologize on behalf of all 360 owners that you have basically lost an "exclusive" due to the awesomeness of Dante's Inferno in comparison to God of War, and that you have just a little less to somehow feel "high and mighty" about...

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