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this game is pritty cool

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No offence to anyone but the last circle wasn't good enough... Giants? They should have put some half frozen heads there to look at...

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a great ... what?

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Good Story cut scenes and In depth story massivly based on Lucifer (The Devil) and Dande's quest to reach his destiny and put Lucifer back to hell. Gameplay, im not too sure about (I havnt played it) Looks like god of war 2 to me dunno about you guys? THESE ARE MY OPINIONS & MINE ONLY DONT DISS ME!

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PS3 versions Bayonetta Or This?

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i did actually read the poem, all because i want to know what this game was about.

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i might pick up this game

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this is a very good game and i believe it is underrated

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that asian girl is H.O.TTTTTTT..........................great game by-the-way

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Nice :D

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Pues ya lo jugue y me parece bueno y entretenido. Le doy un 8.0.

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the combat is good enough

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@mad gamer23....pretty sure in Darksiders they had you hacking and slashing up angels and demons alike

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In the poem the 9th circle is entirely devoted to Lucifer. There's no punishments or other literary figures that dante runs into to talk to during the last circle. He enters the final circle and the description of Lucifer pretty much starts from the get go of entering Treachery. I'm really curious to see how they made Lucifer especially now that i know they kept to the book (at least with him ahving 3 faces).

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I think in purgatorio there is something to work with. But no way can they apply something like hack and slash to paradiso...

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Hopefully, Dante's next journey into Purgatorio won't end up the same way his journey into deepest circles of Hell did, i.e. the impact and shock get less and less astounding.

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dude i got this game today

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It's waiting for me at home, but I'm on a business trip right now. Two more days... Torturous.

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I'm going to buy this game soon.

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Maybe they didn't want to show any spoilers for the 9th Circle

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Wow, they didn't show any gameplay for this circle. Does that mean it's solely for the final battle, or is there anything before that?