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u guys over there......don't write so long.........we don't have love 2 waste our time with reading those!!

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probably they remove it to PC cause PC has like 3x higher rate of piracy than Consoles imagine this will release for PC tomorrow and 2days later 7 out of 10 people has already a piracy copy from it..

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i have the game and it is best from god of war

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HELL epowe!!

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lol GO TO HELL!! ha ha thats funny

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Tuesday cannot get here fast enough

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Do you have too much money EA?

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cant u guys make it on pc. why always console get cool games come out its not fair

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oh no i want it pc :(

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Looks great! However, I don't remember the original story being like this. I imagine if they made the game like the original story, It would be boring.

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hell in your hands awesome !!

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I am excited with a capital E to play this game. I am excited about God of war too but this game is a whole different ball game eventhough it is a reminiscence of God of war..who cares!!!, that's how a good adventure game has to be. Right now to help my waiting and eagerness I am finishing off Bayonetta for the second time around and will be starting Darksiders on Monday. Thank God I have these two games to help me keep anxiety in check...haahahah.

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this warrants a gamefly if nothing else! i'll buy day one but if they charge for the co-op it goes back after beating it.

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Can't Wait, CG's look awesome.

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people keep mentioning the comparison with GoW, no duh when the art designer from GoW mike cheng is also involved with this

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Definitely a game worth playing despite gow comparisons

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Definitely a game worth playing

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cant beleive they removed it for pc. i was looking forward to playing this game

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I will not pay to much attention to the ratings the reviews have given.. a lot of them play games for as a proffesion and therefore need to look at the game in the greater picture of things, so far most of them are marking this down because it isn't innovative. when I play this game I will not think so as I have never played a GOW game as I do not have a PS3. to be honest I think people should make up their own minds about this :)

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Satan/Lucifer is supposed to be stuck to to his waist in ice, so i don't know how they can make a boss out of that, and you can't kill the Devil hes immortal, so again not sure how thats supposed to work

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i must buy it!!!!!!

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@wopchop10 Oh, I see who you mean now. But he is also supposed to be frozen in a lake of his own tears. There was lava all around him. And that guy was also mainly a silhouette, so if it is, I guess he's just a 'smoked version' as you said.

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hmm...Go through the 9 circles of hell to fight the infinite minions and the 9 bosses and probably Lucifer armed with a scythe and a Holy cross...... sounds like my kind of game...

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to me,most M rated games are those that beat the charts in sales!why that?but i aint saying dante inferno sucks!

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The atmosphere of the game is really quite something! I'm yet to like one single beat-'em up game, but I think I'm still gonna give this one a try.

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This game is an epic!

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Descent into hell!

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This is awesome!

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No! i dont want to go to Hell trailer.

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@Chema96 Surely you do not seem to really catch the thing here, don't get me wrong but you should have known that this loosely based on the poem game has its entire world and theme grounded on the book's philosophy and foundations. But it is a matter of perspective whether you see this as loosely based on or greatly based on the original piece. I'm not saying that this is a great game, since I haven't played it yet, I'm just repeating what I've read about the game and the work itself.

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There will definitely be a sequel - I would say Dante comes across a conspiracy of divine proportions, which then has him tearing through Purgatory and finally Paradiso (in the third game) in his quest to find answers.

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never mind just checked the reviews the game is really average 7.4 after ten reviews

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best dantes inferno trailer so far looks like the game will be a 8.5-9

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That's an awesome trailer. Dont give a crap about the GoW comparisons - and I'm a PS3'er. Day one for me.

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Looks awesome

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@Aara the main reason why i think its him is because the book describes Lucifer crying tears of blood which feed the 3 rivers of hell... and in the trailer that demon thing it shows has tears coming down its face which really scares me that they spoiled it... unless of course its a smoked version of Lucifer not revealing him in all his details... which might be acceptable in my books lol

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About all people comment, this game look pretty cool, but it just a video, we need to play it to get a real a idea about the game is, and surely will be compared with God of War, it's seems to have almost the same movements the same kind of game mechanics, very violent, it sounds God of War, and sincerly, God of War needs some competitive game to get better itself, and dante's inferno does the same. i don't expect this will be better or worse, i need to wait to get it (very soon hopefully)

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i've been waiting since 2008 for this, my waiting is over, time to go to hell. lol

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o yea o yea

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Too bad this game is exactly like the GOW series. They didn't even change anything to the combat. IGN's review is in and this game is just above average.

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@wopchop10 I don't think the super bowl trailer revealed that. That's the one thing they've yet to talk about, and I hope they don't. I want to piss my pants when I see Lucifer

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Wow, must have it

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im really scared that the superbowl trailer revealed Lucifer... but this one was definitely good

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Awesome trailer

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Wow, makes me want this game even more, hurry up February 9th!