Crysis - Announcement Trailer

Crysis will be available on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in October!

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Looks better then the PC version new lighting, new effects, new nano suit controls and more. no multiplayer not a big deal tons of games with multiplayer and it's $20 day one download for me.

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PC version will always be better than this..............

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I'm ready for more eye candy after crysis 2

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Now THIS is Crysis.

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only if we got crysis wars and the map editor

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The new effects look amazing. Crytek did it. The question has finally been answered. Consoles can run Crysis (1), and it can look and run damn good.

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I wonder if that means that crytek will update the PC game to play on 64bit windows cause it doesnt do very well on 32bit.

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Question: How many games have been ported to console from PC and vice versa? I think PC to console would take the cake? Anyone else???

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I really do hope they go back to the original method of quick menu switching powers cause thats was way funner than the 2 button press thingy on the ps3 and xbox and the graphics aren't nearly as good as the first but still I'M GETTING THIS but too bad I got spoilers from buying crysis 2 but really is that suppose to be crysis 3 since the first was actually 2 and the second was 1

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dammmmm!!!! this looks way better than crysis2

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I can Guarantee the 360 and PS3 Crysis was made with lowest settings hahaha. This game was beyond epic and a million times better then Crysis 2. Glad to see Console gamers are finally getting some love with this game.

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10x better than Crysis 2

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LMAO yahoo gamer.. 10/10

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How many years will it take for Gamespot to do some freakin threaded messaging?

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Cannot f***ing wait! I really hope they do Warhead too.

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@dah_master: If they do pull it off, Crysis Warhead will probably make the jump too.

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PC gamers stop whining. We enjoyed this game 4 years earlier then the console users. I'm also actually quite curious if Crytek can pull this off

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@Morbissus Pull your head out of your ass man. Fanboy d-bags exist across every platform and you are acting like one yourself at this very moment.

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@TheMrBlackfloyd People don't enjoy Farcry 2 because it's a terrible game, not because it doesn't have aliens or space marines etc etc... Secondly, Farcry 2 was not developed by Crytek.

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@TheMrBlackfloyd Wait did he just say FarCry 2?

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cool I hope they dont change it to much I have it on PC, but the effects and new lighting sounds cool, but worried about the effects part whats that mean? does it mean better looking shadows better looking fire better looking trees etc... or does it mean they are going to change the levels around alot, but still have the same story etc... anyay if you liked crysis 2 you will love this one lol.

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huerito323 :: Way to practice what you preach.."more whine" with your "cheezey" comment there? LMAo.

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That's basically the "Whole Game" Summed up in 1:48. Nice Presentation Crytek. Finally, I can give my PC the Rest it Needs. lol...more PORN.

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Oh, **** yeah....

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Nice graphic... nice action... nice bla bla ... but. the story ? . always the same...something happen strange, and alien are involved bla bla... i think best crytek game out there is farcry 2 atleast it got something " exotic" that you don't see very often.. too bad people can't enjoy a game when it's not aliens, super weapons or wtf more...

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i had a feeling that this trailer was slightly different from the first one seems like this one was captured on PS3 .... is this on ps3?

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I'm not a whining PC fanboy, I will say this though, I would like to play the game of my choice on the platform of my choice and when developers turn around and say up yours and don't even release it on PC, or release it so late (2 or 3 years) that all the hype is gone and there's no community as a result, that's when I get annoyed. I'm happy to see that console gamers will get a chance to play it, and see how awesome the game is/was for us. But it doesn't change the fact that certain large publishers shifted to a console focused market.

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I love hearing the pc guys talk trash everytime the consoles either get a port, or a game that is developed across the PC,360, and PS3. We get it, the PC is superior in terms of hardware, but do they really have to tell us everytime there is news like this? I'm glad I can get this on my 360 or PS3, so I can free up my web browsing beast of a PC! lol

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Is the first better then the second? Because the second one blew hardcore.

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At last console gamers get to play a real Crysis game, now you'll know why Crysis 2 was such a letdown!!!!

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Most of you are so obsessed to reaffirm something that in the end doesn't really matter after all. Who cares that the pc version has the best graphics, that's obvious, who cares that one game that was once exclusive become multiplat, that really matter? Many of you forms gangs and dispute to each other to see who is best, that's so childish. Some prefer play games on consoles, despite the graphics don't be as sharp as pc, others prefer pc although it has higher price, but what really matter is the game.

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Price please:)

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This isnt half as visually impressive as it was back in 2007... They took that beautiful game and stripped it down to fit in a xbox/ps3... Crytek lost all my faith same way Epic did!

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PC gamers are the most annoying bunch of nerds you can think of. Seriously, I would be embarrassed to call myself a PC gamer. Supposedly that's where the more "mature" audience is at, but all I hear is a bunch of immature little whiners who think they're cooler than everyone else, except their not.

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@ max_111 Sorry to hurt your feelings. I just find fanboys of any kind to be whiney d-bags & love to see them cry over BS that doesn't really matter. I can play violin for you if it helps you pitiful poor souls.

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@ darth_3pio - I can one up you on that. You are waiting for Halo 2 and 3 to come to PC? Did you know Halo was originally being made for PC, then MS came out with the Xbox and bought Bungie so the PC only got a poorly ported version of Halo years after it was released on console? Everyone thought Halo looked so great on Xbox, I remember when I finally played it, it didn't look as good as the videos for the original intended PC version...such is the gaming world. Everyone thought the Xbox had state of the art graphics because of Halo, but few people knew this was because the console was basically just an outdated PC, specifically optimized to play a gimped version of Halo.

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Calm down fellow PC nerds, just as Psycho says at the end of the video, "Now that I'd like to see". Now that I have seen it and can compare it the graphics on my computer, it still doesn't even look half as good as the 2007 PC version. The colors are lacking, you can tell the resolution has been turned way down, the explosions look like 2d sprites instead of fully polygonal explosions from the PC version....don't worry, our e-bawls are still intact.

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@Morbissus oh look, it's the pot calling the kettle black.

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Suck it up PC d-bags you still have "The Witcher 2". Oh wait.... ha!

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Looks terrific. Explosions and lighting in particular look very impressive.

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2007: PC gaming is changed forever... ...and in 2011 we sold out and alienated the gamers that made us who we are today.

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I still don't know how I feel about this. Crysis to me has always been one of those games that makes me proud to be a PC gamer. A technically marvelous game where I can show off how amazing it looks on my rig to my nerd friends. I kind of feel... violated in a sense =/.

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@darth_3pio Cause this game is not from microsoft or sony. Exclusives are an form of propaganda to their consoles. This game was exclusive back in 2007 cus cryengine 2 was not suitable for consoles. Of course the pc version have obviously the best graphics, but from what i seen in this trailer, it will look pretty nice for the console, one of the best.

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@darth_3pio : destructability in BC1 was a bit complicated for PC engines back in 2008 and 1943 was actually cancelled for PC :(

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Again.... why do consoles get PC exclusives when PC doesn't get console exclusives, still waiting on Halo 3 PC. When creating a trilogy like they did, why leave us hanging, it's downright rude, then of course there is Bad Company 1 and 1943, would not mind seeing them on PC. And if I get thumbed down on this comment, then you clearly have no respect for other peoples platform of choice.

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If this runs great on the consoles then console gaming is not yet dead!

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getting really sick of that annoying gears 3 trailer...

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@TheGuardian03 Meh, I wouldn't say way better. Crysis 2 had alot better story mode... In the first one you just bully the s out of mindless koreans and then fight aliens that take years to kill and aren't any fun to fight.

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