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'You might be giveing up a perk uhh.. umm.. module' lol

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looks better than homefront?

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At Crytek: "Hey guys ! Let's remove the Maximum strength and dumb the crap down the speed and make trailers pretending the game is dynamic and non-linear !"

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nice change from a jungle to the concrete jungle. 10+ idea

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@Xxhed_shotxX Yeah...But there ARE some people who hate Crysis... And they,are stupid... :)

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@ponorac it's impossible to hate the first 2 games :p

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People, I played the beta a bit...I downloaded it from a site and played it about 30 minutes...I have to say that i am impressed... If you liked Crysis or Crysis:Warhead, You will LOVE this game... Even if You hated the first 2 games You will still like Crysis... The gameplay has so much improved and the graphics...Awesome... I f you liked Crysis, you must get this one when it comes out (22. march in USA and 25 march in Europe). I don't know what will Crysis 2 when it comes out look like, but if it looks like the one in the beta - a score of 9.5 is sure. Can't wait for it... :)

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Jane Dugless looks good. lol

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@GWA17 ah k then :P but yeah there will be a PC beta avalible on the 1st of march so that i will be able to see for myself :) thx for the reply though ^^

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@firefox2142 It probably isn't that bad may be just because i wasn't very good on it but just have to see :)

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i love how gamespot refuses to bring up the fact that the entire game was leaked lol as if it would be a bad thing to report about it. Did gamespot go communists?

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good, those who did not like the multiplayer is because they are very bad or they like to play with dolls.

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Nathan is exactly right, about the 3D experience! The games of today are built with far distances, especially in shooters, that 3D is something that should not pop out at you. I own a Samsung 3DTV, and whenever I watch or play a video game, I always set the depth to a further away perspective. Easy on the eyes, thus giving you almost unlimited gameplay in 3D. I played the Beta on Xbox Live in 3D, and Crytek did an amazing job! You can really tell how much work they put into the 3D experience, for Crysis 2. Call of Dudy Black Ops did an Ok job... But, they were the first to introduce 3D into a shooter genera. Can't wait to play it! Peace!

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I really love the multiplayer it's so fun. Oh i didn't try it ( waiting of the PC demo )

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the graphics are reeeeaaaally awesome, never seen such details

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I actually really like the multiplayer... I never played the first game (pc cant handle it) but the 360 beta was really satisfying for me.

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I didn't like the multiplayer that much either but then again I didn't care for it on the first game either. Multiplayer is in no way like the singleplayer. I think it was something about the controls feeling off and maybe the game was lagging for me. The single player should be worth the buy alone though.

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@GWA17 MP really so bad ? man that sucks was thinking of buying the game oh well will wait for some more revievs :P

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I didn't like the MP beta in this game for some reason. Maybe if there is a SP demo then I might change my mind towards getting it, anyone know if there is.

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why is there that burnout paradise in the top right.

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united kingdom

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OH, he said "perk" instead of "module". Been peeking off "Modern Warfare" sir? :P Hope you won't get these XP-points-popups whenever you hit something. I hate that...

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Gamespot UK uhh? Hmm....