Crosshairs Preview: The Beatles: Rock Band

Randy and Laura get to spend some hands-on time with The Beatles: Rock Band, as well as check out the official instruments.

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Tip for people who destroy theyr foot peddales: STOP HITTING THE PEDDALS SO HARD!!! I play impossible songs on expert on rb2 and my plastic foot peddal is in perfect condition.

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i dont' like how the drums are mainly white on the top. I guess that's how Ringo's drums "looked" but it must show marks so easily..

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Its a shame they don't come with the 2 cymbals if it enhances the experience it should be included especially at the rrp of $349

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I just hate how they say that the game needs a "Dragon Force kinda song", in my opnion those kind of songs are more for showoff than enjoyalbe,

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hmmm strange how the us/uk team dont have a reveiw yet???. where do the batteries go in the base?. and its true with the crappy old pedal i destroyed mine last week so this came at a good time since i was skint on rock band 2 release lol. tomorow cant come fast enough my limited set is allrdy on the way and the base looks epic.

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money marketing ploy tied in with the digital remastering of their albums. dont they have enough money?

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beatles rockband is the best game ever!!!

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Can we say "Seeing we didn't get ROCK BAND 2 in this country" again!! Gotta luv that he managed to say it twice! Hope someone at MTV games is listening! Thanks for the preview and thank you for saying the above statement! LOL

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Awesome, thx for the preview guys :)