Crosshairs Preview--Bayonetta

The GS AU crew strap on their dominatrix heels for an extended play with sexy witch game Bayonetta.

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    Finally an answer to Heavenly Swords

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    Must have. I will probably die of ultimate unlimted joy playing this game.

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    i dont know about u people but im getting it!

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    That guillotine killing move is kind of hilarious - I love watching Bayonetta literally kicking the butt of the understandably uncooperative victim.

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    Symmake is probably referring to the people narrating the video, and not the game.

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    Looking like a good purchase, alright.

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    Looks 10 times as fun as DMC4.

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    I'm no DMC fan, but I'm liking what I see! Will at least give it a try!

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    i think this is looking good. I'm a big DMC fan, and I love that kind of fighting gameplay

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    just one word : awful